The seed box

Seeds are essential to make the garden: from them everything is born and it is always a magic to see your plants germinate and grow.

You have to know how to save the seeds from one year to the next, ready to be sown. If you learn how to reproduce your seeds you can avoid buying them every year and keep the varieties of vegetables typical of your region, but even if you buy bags of seeds you will probably have some left over and it would be foolish to throw them away.

Ideal for storing seeds is a box, such as a cookie jar. These are containers that keep the seeds dark and dry and at the same time do not seal them tightly. In fact, on the one hand we must remember that seeds are living matter and if we keep them in the wrong conditions they will never germinate, on the other hand we must bear in mind that light , heat and humidity can cause them to germinate before their time. when they are still above ground.

Burgon and Ball Seed Box

Burgon & Ball, an English company distributed in Italy by Activa Smart Garden, offers a tin seed box with a refined Old English design, which is not only very beautiful, with its characteristic Old British style, but also practical: its interior divided into compartments allows you to classify and divide seed bags, keeping them orderly.

A very neat idea is that with the dividers you can divide the seeds by month, the box practically becomes a planting calendar and provides a useful reminder of what and when to plant in the garden.

Once filled with your own seeds, this beautiful box becomes a real treasure chest for the gardening enthusiast, with contents more precious than all the gold in the world. It is an ideal gift idea for friends who garden, an object as beautiful as it is useful


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