Tomato Varieties. 5 types of tomatoes to plant in the garden

There are so many varieties of tomatoes, countless types of tomatoes (large, small, for sauce, salad, bread on bread and many other uses). Each variety has its particularity and its use, as well as its cultivation methods.

tomato varieties


Varieties of tomatoes

An exhaustive and complete article on the different types of tomatoes would be impossible, especially taking into account the fact that according to experts in the field there are more than 10,000 varieties of this fruit throughout the world.

What we can do, depending on local tastes and preferences, is a list with their respective characteristics of the most common to be able to choose when plant tomatoes in the garden.

Although the classifications of the different varieties are by size, culinary uses, geographical origin and others, there are various botanical classifications that encompass them. We will elaborate on all this in future articles dedicated to each variety.

Types of tomatoes to plant in our garden

So let’s see what are some of the most common tomato varieties in the orchards of Spain and other regions to which our readers belong. Considering the large number of tomato classes and uses, we will only choose a handful. Either way, go through Huertine forum if you want to recommend another variety, to enrich the knowledge of our beautiful fruit community on this subject.

Most tomato varieties are among these crops what to plant in april in our northern hemisphere orchard.


The blue tomato is a variety that, due to high levels of anthocyanins, takes on a more bluish or purple color. Although its origin is in the United States, it is currently produced in addition to this country, in Canada, the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe. It is sown in late winter or early spring and takes 16 to 20 weeks to bear fruit.

tomato varieties in Spain

Besides its external color, another of the peculiarities of this type of fruit is that its pips are almost imperceptible to the palate.


The three-horned tomato is a large variety, which is mainly used in salads. Its fruits are round and can reach 200 grams or more per piece and it is very rich in vitamins A, C and E and antioxidants.

Tomato Tres Cantos Giant Pink - ECO

Tomato Tres Cantos Giant Pink – ECO

  • Medium cycle plant with round pink fruits
  • Sowing from December to March
  • In the nursery, transplant when the plant has 3-4 leaves in a frame of 40 x 80 cm
  • Harvest from 4-5 months


The beefsteak tomato is a salad tomato, well known today because it has a lot of play when it comes to preparing stuffed tomatoes.

large varieties of tomatoes

It is characterized by its medium shape and size, full of folds and with a thin skin, a fleshy texture and few seeds.

Tomato Tres Cantos Giant Pink - ECO

Tomato Tres Cantos Giant Pink – ECO

  • Medium cycle plant with round pink fruits
  • Sowing from December to March
  • In the nursery, transplant when the plant has 3-4 leaves in a frame of 40 x 80 cm
  • Harvest from 4-5 months


The raf tomato is another variety of salad widely used, especially in Spain. Also called a ribbed or blacklegged tomato, it resembles in its characteristics the heart of an ox, although its folds are less pronounced and the neck is green. Its texture is fleshy and its flavor is sweet, without losing the characteristic acidity of the tomato.

types of fat tomatoes

As for the cultivation, it needs warm but mild temperatures for the plant to develop well and can only be grown from December to the end of May, in Spain or in the northern hemisphere, or from June to November in the southern hemisphere, although very much dependent on weather and adaptation to the particular region.

Marmande Tomato RAF - ECO

Marmande Tomato RAF – ECO

  • The MARMANDE RAF tomato is a multilocular ribbed tomato with a green neck and a slightly flattened shape. Its weight is 180-200 grams. The habit of the plant is semi-determinate and it is resistant to Fusarium
  • It has an excellent flavor and a traditional tomato smell. It can be grown both outdoors and in greenhouses.
  • Quality is best in fall-winter-spring crop cycles (planting from August) giving a more ribbed tomato, greener neck and better flavor.
  • Sowing in January-February-March (traditional in continental areas) gives production in summer, producing fruits with less ridges, little green neck, redder, sweeter and with less flavor.


Cherry tomatoes are widely planted due to their small size and good taste. The pruning facilitates its cultivation, since it can be planted in pots or small spaces in the terraces.

Its origin dates back to Aztec Mexico, and it was cultivated as early as the 16th century in Europe. The current varieties of these mini tomatoes have been perfected over time in places far removed from the Latin American giant, like the varieties produced in Israel, spread all over the world.

Nutrients present in tomatoes such as antioxidants (carotenoids, flavonoids and phenolic compounds) are more concentrated in cherry tomatoes.

Other very common tomatoes are pink tomato, bull’s egg tomato, kumato tomato (also called black tomato), navy blue tomato, pink barbatro tomato, tomato and many others.

What should we consider

When choosing the type of tomatoes that we are going to plant in our garden, we must take into account the particular needs of each crop. Tomato is a summer crop, although it can also be grown in our home greenhouse.

Moreover, we need to know how the tomato pollination have more production. It’s always good to have a insect hotel Is plants that attract pollinators like bees.

We will expand the tabs of tomato varieties in articles dedicated to each of them, with their particular advice on care, soil, irrigation, schedules and all the necessary.

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