Trap mosquitoes to clean the garden

There are many pests that attack vegetables and fruit trees, but there are also annoying insects that affect humans, the most annoying of which is undoubtedly the mosquito.

The presence of mosquitoes is a great nuisance in spring and summer and can spoil the pleasure of being in the garden or disturb you when working in the garden. To avoid being eaten or having to lock yourself in the house under mosquito nets and mosquito nets, you have to think of devices to eliminate these insects.

We have already talked about how to prevent larvae, with a trap that catches larvae, now let’s see how to catch adult insects, talking about YouGetOut, a mosquito trap offered by Zona Sin Mosca. The use of insect traps is a positive method because it does not involve the use of insecticidal products.

mosquito trap

This trap works by attracting insects using a special light source and producing carbon dioxide (photocatalytic effect).

In addition, to improve efficiency, there is Activix Pro, an attractant composed of natural components based on carboxylic acids present in sweat. Activix produces olfactory stimuli similar to those of our skin and combined with carbon dioxide forms an irresistible bait.

Exit’s game is to simulate human being, attract mosquitoes and suck them up with its suction function. In this way, the capture is quite selective, as innocent insects are not interested in carbon dioxide and attractant, although some may be attracted to light.

The YouGetOut is waterproof, so it is not afraid of moisture and rain, it works on electricity, so you always have to fix the transformer. Its declared capacity is 1000 square meters, obviously in small gardens it improves its efficiency, so we recommend it especially in extensions of 500/600 square meters or less.

The trap should be placed in a shaded area to allow light emissions to work with maximum effectiveness. To get rid of mosquitoes, it is advisable to use the trap from the end of winter, beginning of March, so that the insects do not have time to proliferate by intercepting them immediately.

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