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varieties of avocados

Avocado has become one of the most consumed foods in recent years. Its properties, and the benefits it offers on several levels, have led more than one to include it in their diet. But did you know that there are different varieties of avocado?

If you want to know about them, which one is the best of all and how to tell them apart, keep reading what we have prepared for you.


How many varieties of avocado are there?

Naming each of the varieties of avocado is not easy. And there are more than 400 varieties in the world.

Yes, as you have read. There are over 400 different lawyers. Some are as small as a plum, while others are so large that each piece can weigh two pounds.

As for their shape, almost all of them are pear-shaped, but there are some that are round, and others are more like an amorphous cucumber.

Also its pulp changes, passing from a yellow color to an intense green. And not precisely because they are not ripe. On the other hand, the skin changes from a deep green to a black, but do not be fooled by its cover, because the flavor may be milder in the dark than in the green. Or otherwise.

However, despite the fact that there are so many types of avocados to choose from, the truth is that only a dozen varieties can be found in Spain. The rest is very difficult to obtain unless you travel to the countries where they are most produced, such as Mexico, the Dominican Republic, China or even Israel.

Who is the most popular lawyer in the world

Who is the most popular lawyer in the world

To this question, the answer is simple. This is the Hass avocado, one of the best known and most famous in Spain, but which is also widely marketed and consumed in other countries. As it is the variety that is harvested throughout the year, it is the most used to supply the markets. It is also said to be the tastiest and has no fiber, so you can enjoy it much more.

Although it is not the only one as we have seen.

Who is the richest lawyer in the world

Who is the richest lawyer in the world

In this case, everything differs according to taste. Some say the best in the world is the Hass variety which offers a mild flavor with some nutty notes. Others opt for the Reed variety, which has a very good quality pulp and an exquisite flavor, with some hints of nuts (like the previous one).

Really, and as we see in the production of avocados, it is the Mexicans who have the label of “the best in the world”. These avocados produced in Mexico are of the highest quality and highly valued around the world. Reason why it is the country with the most production as well as exports (to give you an idea, just over 90% of the avocados in the United States come from Mexico.

Get to Know Some of the Avocado Varieties

Get to Know Some of the Avocado Varieties

Although we are not going to name the more than 400 types of avocados that there are, we want to tell you which are the best known and most appreciated. Some you’ve probably eaten.

hass avocado

As we told you, it is the most common variety that you will find in Spain, as well as in other parts of the world. It is characterized by its rough, dark green skin. In fact, on the tree it starts out green, then as it matures it turns purple, and finally when it’s there its skin is almost black.

Speaking of which, it is medium to thick and has a rough texture. Each avocado of this type usually weighs between 200 and 300 grams.


It’s very possible that you haven’t heard of him, and that’s understandable. It is only grown in the months of February and March, and there is only one country that grows it: Israel.

It is a variety that has a rough skin and a good flavor. But we cannot give you more information about this.

Bacon with avocado

Of Californian origin (although it is also grown in Spain), it is one of the varieties of avocado that can only be eaten from autumn to spring.

It is distinguished from others by its skin, which is not rough but smooth. It is green with some shades of yellow and its flavor is much milder than other varieties.

It can weigh around 198 to 340 grams.

dwarf avocados

These, unless you go to France, you will not know them. It is a seedless fruit (as is customary with avocados) and the whole interior of which can be eaten.

Hass of lamb with avocado

It is a hybrid of the Hass avocado, so its taste and shape are very similar to this one. The only difference is that it tolerates much less favorable climatic conditions, which allows its cultivation in more countries. In fact, it is grown in the Valencian Community and in Malaga.

carmen hass

Another hybrid of the Hass variety, but with more flavor. It is also grown in Malaga and its pear-shaped shape, with a roughness and a color that resembles black.

strong lawyer

It is a variety that gives elongated avocados. It is one of the most appreciated and it is because the skin can be easily separated from the pulp.

In fact, in the United States a few years ago it was a favorite of many.


In this case, it is an avocado that has a very, very thin skin and an intense green color. It is medium in size and its flesh is usually yellowish.

It is mainly used for smoothies, but also to make an avocado butter.


He’s one of the biggest lawyers there is. It is round and green, and can reach 500 grams. In fact, there is a specimen recorded in Hawaii by the Guinness Book of Records that weighed 2.5 kilos, with a size larger than that of an adult’s head.

Of course, in order for them to mature, they must remain on the tree for more than a year.

Now it’s your turn to try the different varieties of avocados. Which ones have you already eaten?

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