Vase Flower Buying Guide

flowers for vase

If in a previous article we gave you tips for buying flower vases, this time we want to do the same thing but with flowers in a vase. Do you want to know which are the most colorful? Or the bulkiest ones for that vase you bought?

Don’t hesitate, let’s go know what characteristics these flowers must have and we will show you some examples that may be interesting for your home. Dark?

Top 1. The best flowers for vase


  • It’s a bouquet of flowers.
  • Washable.
  • Quite decorative.

the inconvenients

  • Beware of small flowers if you have children or pets.
  • Expensive for the composition it has.

Selection of flowers for vases

Check out other vase flowers and see what you’re missing out on by not decorating with them.

RADCANE 6PCS Artificial Flower Bouquet

There is no doubt that roses are one of the most chosen flowers for vases. So in this case you will have a bouquet of roses which can be white or pink. Each of them measures 45 cm.

Outdoor artificial flowers

In this case, you will find 6 branches and 12 flowers. The length will be 33 cm while the diameter of the flowers is 5 cm.

Each of rods is made up of several plants, colors that combineand different plant species.

Famibay hydrangea flowers

Hydrangeas are one of the most fashionable plants and that is why on this occasion, made of plastic and silk, you will have these artificial flowers.

The the stem of each hydrangea will be approximately 47cm tall while the diameter of the flower is 17 cm, formed by 45 petals to give it a leafy appearance. It is also accompanied by large and small leaves.

In each package you will have 3 rods.

EasyLife 12.6″ Artificial Tulip 20 Pieces 2 Colors Per Set

You will have tulips about 32 centimeters high. You will have 20 pieces in two different colors.

All are made of fabric and plastic and will be very showy. In fact, from afar, it won’t look like a lie.

EasyLife – Artificial Eucalyptus Flowers 70cm

It is a set of 5 pieces, in two colors, red and pink. The the stems are about 70 centimeters long which is used for tall or normal vase by cutting them.

As for the flowers, they are made of fabric and plastic.

Vase Flower Buying Guide

Flowers for vases are one of the essential elements when it comes to this type of decoration. It’s true that they don’t have to be present today (you can have a vase but you can’t fill it with flowers) but you can’t say that it’s not more striking if you put them in it than if left empty.

However, there is some details that you must take into account when buying these flowers. The most important to us are:


Imagine the following scene. You have a vase at home and you buy a large flower. So you decide to put it in the vase but it falls because of the weight of this flower.

The reason this happens has to do with the size of the vase. You cannot place flowers larger than the vase because, among other things, it will lose its stability, or it will disappear from view and it will seem that it does not exist.

Visually, you will create an “ugly” effect and you will not achieve the goal you had with the flowers.

try choose flowers to match the vase you have, especially in terms of the size of these.


Regarding the form, you know that there are many types of flowers in the plant kingdom. There are the fat ones, the falling ones, etc. and choosing the right one is important.

For instance, if the vase is tall and long, you can put cascading flowers combining with some great ones.


Yes, we are talking about material even if it is about flowers for a vase. And it is that, although it is normal to use natural flowers, sometimes these do not last and it is better to opt for artificial flowers so that you do not have to clean and change them from time to time .

Artificial flowers are made of several materials: plastic, silk, paper… Polyester is currently the most widely used and it gives good results in them.


Finally, the decisive factor when buying is related to the price that the flowers cost you. And this, in turn, depends on the size, quantity, shape and material.

So you can find flowers from 0.50 euros, but the most colorful and beautiful will be from 15 euros.

What can you put in a vase?

A vase is a container for flowers. And the normal thing is, if you have one, you use it by placing flowers to decorate it. But can you just put that? Not really, today, other types of decorations are authorized for these.

To give you examples, you could place seashells to give it a marine touch, use it as container to multiply your plants (the cuttings put in with water), create a beach scene with sand and some characteristic elements… And so we could spend a long time giving you ideas to put in a vase.

What flowers are used to decorate?

When it comes to choosing flowers for vases, you really have a lot to do. There are a multitude of flowers, known and unknown.

The most common and those that are attached to vases are roses. But there are actually a lot more you can use, like: carnations, orchids, tulips, lilies, hydrangeas, lavender, etc.

There are no specific flowers to decorate, but it will depend on the type of decoration you have or even your personal taste.

Or buy?

buy flowers for vase

And we come to the end. But we just want to give you a hand also to leave you some shops where you can buy vase flowers. In fact there are many, but the most sought after on the Internet are the following (this is what you will find):


This is where you’ll find the most variety, but be careful because what you see in the photos is one thing and what you receive is another. We advise you to read the reviews to find out if what you are buying is nice or if it is better to switch to another product.

Arm yourself with patience, because the the search will give you results of vases and plants, with what it may take to find what you like.

The Corte Ingles

At El Corte Inglés you will find many artificial flowers in vases. The You will have different and quite varied sizes. The problem is that the price can be quite high when you want to make a bouquet (it can be quite expensive).


You will find enough variety at Ikea, and the best thing is that they are cheap. You will have both individual flowers and bouquets at more than affordable prices.

Now it’s up to you, which vase flowers will you choose?

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