Viburnums – Tips for my garden


Viburnums: an overview

Belonging to the Caprifoliaceae family, Viburnum is a plant genus that has two hundred different species within it. Coming from Europe and Asia, they are an almost indispensable element of any garden worthy of the name: they are in fact plants used for decorative purposes, capable of producing flowers whose color ranges from white to delicate pink with a delicious aroma, whose height It usually reaches three or four meters in a short time. Viburnums can be evergreen or deciduous and, depending on the case, will require pruning and planting in different seasons. Many of the two hundred species produce berries that can remain on the plant for a long time, further enhancing its beauty. It is a plant adapted to both

The Viburnum Tinus

Among the two hundred existing species of Viburnum, that of Viburnum Tinus is one of the most interesting. Also called Viburnum tino, Laurotino or Lentaggine, Viburnum Tinus has a characteristic foliage of a beautiful dark green color and in winter, if it is well maintained or not pruned early, one can be surprised to see the delicate pink buds before and the White. white flowers afterwards. Not only! In the cold of winter, you can also savor its intense and pleasant fragrance. Like the rest of the Viburnum species, it is able to adapt to the most varied atmospheric conditions, be it winter frost or the most frightening drought. It doesn’t need to be pruned regularly, and in fact it can be a good idea to let it grow freely in the garden. Usually it can reach height of three or four meters; therefore, it will be good to consider having the necessary space for its growth and development.

viburnum in bloom»>How to Care for a Viburnum

flowering viburnum» width=»745″ height=»559″ longdesc=»/giardino/piante-da-giardino/viburni.asp»>Apart from Viburnum Tinus, how do you take care of these plants? As already mentioned, they do not require much attention: they are weather resistant, they are not afraid of heat or cold and do not need frequent pruning. However, there are a few small steps that could help you grow them healthy and strong. To begin with, it is good that the soil is not dry but a little moist, and that the plant is planted deep, so that it takes root well in the ground. Depending on whether the Viburnum you purchased is evergreen or deciduous, it should be planted in spring or autumn in the first case, or in spring in the second. Although it is a very resistant plant, it is good that the viburnums are always protected from winter winds. As for pruning, it can be done from time to time, maybe in the spring,

Create a hedge with Viburnum Lucidum

If you are considering creating a Viburnum Lucidum hedge, it is good to know that these shrubs tend to grow very quickly and each plant needs enough space to flourish in all its beauty. They are hedges that can even reach five meters in height and, therefore, before buying them, it will be good to know the space available in your garden; In any case, they are undoubtedly ideal to guarantee a little privacy to the inhabitants of the house, without neglecting the aesthetic and decorative aspect. Its leaves are of a beautiful dark green color and the inflorescences are usually white and very fragrant; unlike other species, the flowering period extends from May to June. Once the seedlings have been planted, the hedge must be maintained regularly, if only to check that the barrels do not expand too much. It is important that pruning is done only after the plant has flowered, which otherwise could not bear any more flowers. Viburnum Lucidum can be safely purchased at any specialty store.

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