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A wheelbarrow made of Sterner Stuff

Wheelbarrows are among the few everyday non-mechanized carriers still in widespread use. The best trucks have been offering their transportation services for years, even decades, without complaint. They are free to use and in a world increasingly concerned with fuel depletion and CO2 emissions, they are a practical scarce resource that can be found in many homes, or rather sheds. .

Sometimes a wheelbarrow just needs to be extra strong because it has to do its job as a building partner. Construction sites also don’t necessarily have the interior space to park a wheelbarrow; That’s why you need a truck that can withstand the elements 24/7.

Wheelbarrow review: A business wheelbarrow in a box

Barrow in a Box was set up by the Walsall Wheelbarrow Company, a company that claims to be the last wheelbarrow manufacturer in the UK. The pan, base, and handles on this model are made from shiny emerald green metal, giving it a high profile.

As the name suggests, the wheelbarrow comes in a large gift box that the new owner can put together. Although assembly time is faster than many other DIY trucks, some buyers have complained of a variety of issues, including ill-fitting front struts that required brute force to line them up with the holes and, in some cases, flat tires. . Additional problems refer to the need for additional tools, such as a star-shaped screwdriver. This seemingly genuine complaint adds to this writer’s considerable reservations about seriously recommending what appears to be a solid, cheap wheelbarrow.

The large claim associated with this product requires some caution; although it has a maximum payload of 120kg, it is probably more suitable for lighter loads such as clippings, bags of fertilizer, bags of compost etc. There have been reports of the truck buckling at weights well below the maximum recommended weight.


  • british made
  • the classic looks good
  • 120 kg claimed payload
  • Small price for a heavy wheelbarrow at £52.90

the inconvenients:

  • Some have reported dissatisfaction with the clear assembly instructions
  • Fine metal used in manufacturing.
  • The tire would be difficult to repair.
  • Exterior storage capacity is questionable

Unfortunately, therefore, based on customer experience, it’s probably not the best truck for industrial use, and you need to find something really heavy and higher spec.

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