What do ladybugs in our garden eat?

Ladybugs are farmers’ best allies because they are able to kill most parasites that affect crops in a totally ecological way.

Did you know that a ladybug can eat up to 5,000 prey in its lifetime?

In fact, there are already many people who see ladybugs as the perfect ally for maintaining crops in perfect condition. And if you want this insect to come to your orchard or garden too.

You just have to follow the recommendations that we leave you in this article. We have prepared a guide with all the information you need about ladybugs and their importance in crops.

Shall we start?


What insects are ladybugs?

Ladybugs are also known as “mariquillas” or “goats” and there are currently around 5,000 different species. They are a family of insect beetles of the superfamily Cucujoidea.

In fact, you should know that all species of ladybugs do not feed on the same insects.

Did you know that there are ladybugs that eat plants instead of insects?

However, regarding the physical appearance is very similar, because they are small in size and have domes represented by dots. Moreover, they have very short legs and antennae and can even fly.

Ladybugs are normally red with black dotssince this striking appearance prevents predators from approaching them.

Predators who tried to catch them are said to have imbibed an unpleasant liquid that the ladybugs themselves release from their paws.

In fact, ladybugs are so smart that if they find themselves in an extreme situation, they are able to play dead and secrete this substance so that the predator does not eat them.

ladybug feeding

What do ladybugs eat?

If you want to know what do ladybugs eatwe will tell you that they are carnivorous and can eat more than 60 species of aphids.

Then we indicate what insects do ladybugs eat:

  • Cochineals.
  • Aphids like the black aphid
  • Mites.
  • Ants.
  • night butterflies.
  • spiders
  • Shells.
  • Animal scales.

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Are there herbivorous ladybugs?

In fact, there are species of herbivorous ladybugs that eat:

This type of ladybug lives in temperate zones and its main predator is the parasitoid wasp.

What do ladybug larvae eat?

Ladybugs that are still larvae eat exactly the same thing as adults. However, the larvae sometimes need a higher nutritional level and can consume:

Did you know that a ladybug can have more than a million larvae?

Indeed, if a ladybug consumes more than 1,000 insects in a single summer, can you imagine the insects that can consume their young?

For this reason, ladybugs are considered one of the “natural bioinsecticides” the most effective in the world.

What benefits do ladybugs provide?

As we mentioned, ladybugs are a perfect ally for crops because they are able to kill a large number of crop-damaging insects.

However, these ladybugs have a indirect benefit on the orchard. Indeed, as the ladybug itself serves as a biological controller against pests, the farmer is not obliged to use insecticides on his crop.

This way, other insects beneficial to the microclimate do not die and the crops are healthier for human consumption because they are free of chemicals. Isn’t that great?

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How to attract ladybugs in our garden

Ladybugs are attracted to the following plants:

  • Dandelion.
  • Calendula.
  • Red comfrey.
  • Tile.
  • Mint.
  • Geranium.
  • Blackberry.
  • Garlic.
  • Parsley.
  • Dill.

So, if you have a vegetable patch in your garden and you want the ladybugs to come and settle there, all you need to do is plant a few of these plants among your harvest.

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insect hotel

create a whoremosquito net

East insect hotel It has become very popular among families with young children, as it is all about creating a hotel for insects.

You can use a sheet of paper and a pen to draw the shape you want. Then you have to find the necessary elements to shape it. You can use dry branches, pineapples, leaves, and any natural element that comes to mind.

In fact, if you catch ladybugs and bring them to the hotel, I’m sure you easily create a colony. Although there are currently professionals who are dedicated to the sale of ladybug larvae, so you can raise them in your hotel until they grow up and become completely independent.

However, for ladybugs to breed in your hotel, they need to be comfortable with the site, so we recommend creating small holes in the wood so they can enter and feel safe.

Similarly, consider placing your hotel near plants that tend to attract ladybugs, so that they are not tempted to go to other gardens.

Ready to create yours?

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