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What is the plant of life?

It is a shrub or small tree, normally evergreen but which behaves as leafy or semi-leafy in somewhat cool climates, whose scientific name is Synadenium grantii. It is native to tropical Africa, as well as South Africa, and is known by the names plant of life or African milkman.

What kind of aromatic herbs exist?

What are the types of aromatic herbs

  • Basil.
  • Laurel.
  • Mint.
  • Prejil.
  • Oregano.
  • Coriander.
  • Rosemary.
  • Thyme.

What are the best aromatics?

  • Rosemary, a aromatic outdoors with lots of flavor. …
  • Tarragon, little known but super tasty. …
  • mint, the plant aromatic Fresher. …
  • Peppermint, sweeter and ideal for desserts. …
  • Ecofarmer via Pinterest. …
  • basil, a aromatic essential. …
  • Salvia, a sweet aroma with a touch of bitterness.

What are the fresh herbs for cooking? Some of the fresh herbs the most common are: basil, leaf of bay leaf, coriander, chervil, cilantro, marjoram, mint, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, tarragon and thyme.

What are green herbs?

  • Coriander (leaf) In this case we will talk about the leaf, since the seeds are also used, and even, in some places, even its root. …
  • Basil. …
  • Parsley. …
  • Dill. …
  • Mint. …
  • Rosemary. …
  • Wise. …
  • Thyme.

What are the most used herbs?

The herbs aromatic more common

  • Parsley. Those are the herbs branched leaves, strong green color and great aroma. …
  • Chervil. …
  • Tarragon. …
  • thyme …
  • Rosemary. …
  • the Basilic …
  • Laurel. …
  • oregano


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What does oregano cure?

The Oregano contains chemicals that may help reduce coughing. The Oregano It may also aid digestion and fight certain bacteria and viruses.

What does peppermint cure?

Relieves stomach problems As it is carminative and antispasmodic, it helps improve digestive system disorders such as bloating, nausea, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome and colic.

What plants smell at night?

There are flowers that they smell especially for the night, after several hours under intense sunlight, such as jasmine, purple petunias, honeysuckle or budelia. Others give off the same aroma regardless of the time of day, such as morning glory, alder, roses and daisies.

What are the plants that heal?

Medicinal plants from Mexico

  • Bougainvillea. …
  • Momo, acuyo, tlanepa or yerba santa. …
  • Muitle, muicle or maiden’s herb. …
  • Thyme. …
  • Onion. …
  • Vaporub. …
  • Guava.

What herbs?

Parsley, chervil, tarragon and chives: these four herbs They deserve the labelgood“, although they are very common, since they are the four most common aromatic plants in our gardens. The Herbs they mix perfectly and without them the kitchen would lose its joy.

What herbs does the fragrant herb bouquet contain?

What herbs does the fragrant herb bouquet contain?

The aromatic herbs They are an ideal complement for your dishes. East band Contains fresh thyme, marjoram and bay leaf. This aromatic blend provides aroma and also has medicinal use. Add it to soups, stews, meat or fish stews to enhance their flavors.

What are sweet aromatic herbs?

In addition to spices, aromatic herbs they can also flavor our sweet Yes dessertsmint or spearmint are not alone in front sweet. Incorporate into recipes sweet basil, grass luisa, sage, lavender, coriander…

What are the most fragrant plants?

What are the most fragrant plants?

The floors what better smell

  • Hoya carnosa or wax flower. The hole is a plant Climbing and resistant which is grown indoors, but can also be grown outdoors in the shade. …
  • Laurel. …
  • Indoor lemon tree. …
  • Melissa or lemon balm. …
  • Eucalyptus. …
  • Basil. …
  • Rosemary. …
  • Fragrant olive or sweet olive.

What is rosemary and what is it used for?

The plant has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties. In folk medicine, the Rosemary It is used in disorders of the digestive tract, as a spasmolytic, cholagogue, choleretic and emmenagogue.

How to make an herb garden at home?

  1. Choose a location. Choose the location for you herb garden.
  2. Prepare the space for planting. Prepare the planting area by loosening the soil.
  3. Planting and digging holes. …
  4. To add floors On the ground. …
  5. Label your aromatic plants. …
  6. surround yourself with floors with some flowers. …
  7. Water regularly. …
  8. Herbs mature.

What does thyme cure?

What does thyme cure?

The thyme It is an herb used to treat respiratory tract conditions and acts as an antiseptic, expectorant and mucolytic, and is recommended to treat coughs, colds, flu and catarrh.

What is the most complete medicinal plant in the world?

What is the most complete medicinal plant in the world?

Aloe vera. Well known, it is appreciated for the properties of its gel. For you to get the most out of it, the plant Must be between three and five years old. Also, if you leave it two or three days without watering, it will freeze. more concentrate.

Which herbs are good for a sore throat?

Which herbs are good for a sore throat?

Malva, softens and reduces inflammation of the throat. Propolis, widely used for its antibacterial properties. Calendula, helps us to avoid inflammation and sore throat. Others floors such as sea buckthorn, peppermint and rosemary, contribute to tissue regeneration.

Who shouldn’t drink oregano tea?

Who shouldn't drink oregano tea?

Neither infusion nor tea nor the oil Oregano for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Its consumption in infusion is not recommended, tea or oil in children under 6 years old. If you are allergic to any of its components.

How is oregano prepared to cleanse the lungs?


  1. Put water to boil.
  2. Add multiple sheets Oregano in the pot
  3. When the water boils, turn off the heat.
  4. Very carefully, inhale deeply the vapor emitted by the infusion of Oregano. Inhale and exhale. This must be repeated several times for breathe better.

What vitamins does oregano contain?

The Oregano contains vitamins A, CE and K, as well as fiber, folate, iron, magnesium, vitamin B6, calcium and potassium.

What does parsley cure?

What does parsley cure?

Still What Consumed raw, this herb is a very good source of vitamin C, essential for the absorption of iron. It is also very rich in vitamin A, an important element for the vision, the skin or the growth of the The bones, as well as vitamin K, essential for regulating blood clotting.

What happens if I drink peppermint tea every night?

What happens if I drink peppermint tea every night?

Helps to treat sleep disorders: it is a great help to avoid insomnia. Yes you have it, socket a peppermint tea 15 or 20 minutes before dinner every day. It makes What the body adapts to relaxing habits at bedtime.

What can the street heal?

In external use it is used to calm rheumatic pains, heal scabies, psoriasis, eczema, conjunctivitis and as a natural treatment for pediculosis.

What perfumes the night?

For the nightif you are looking to awaken your sensuality to the maximum, you will surely opt for perfumes which have olfactory intensity and sensuality. Bergamot, patchouli and woods are ideal scents if you are looking for a fragrance that captivates a man with a strong personality.

What is the name of the plant that smells like chewing gum?

Cestrum nocturnum – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

What is the most fragrant jasmine?

What is the most fragrant jasmine?

Stephanotis floribunda or Jasmine from Madagascar Its flowers are white, very fragrant and larger than those of other species and somewhat elongated, with a somewhat bell-shaped shape. This plant blooms in spring and the flowers can last until fall if the weather is good.

What disease does rosemary prevent?

“The Rosemary can try diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, hair loss, respiratory problems, stomach problems, headaches, premenstrual pain, depression and It prevents diseases degenerative by possessing antioxidant properties,” he adds.

What are the medicinal plants to fight the Covid?

Medicinal plants Ginger has an anti-inflammatory and antiviral property, which prevents the replication of viruses and their penetration. in healthy cells. Garlic has the particularity of fighting against respiratory infections, dilating the bronchi, thinning the mucous membranes and stimulating the immune system.

What are aromatic plants and what are they used for?

What are aromatic plants and what are they used for?

The aromatic herbs are plant substances, usually herbs That is aromatic plants, fresh or dried, which give off pleasant flavors and fragrant, soft and sweet aromas. Aromas predominate over flavors and color. They are used for improve the aroma, taste, color and presentation of dishes.

What are the herbs and types?

Nail grass It is a small plant with a soft, non-woody stem. There are herbs annuals that arise from seed at the beginning of the most favorable season, and others that are perennials and grow from stems above or below ground.

How are aromatic herbs classified according to their function?

The aromatic herbs are classified In aromatic herbs They have digestive properties, stimulate the secretion of gastric juices and bile. Rosemary, rosmarinus officianalis, in flower. Foliage of Salvia officianlis. Bouquet garnish.

How are aromatics classified?

Classification herbs aromatic • Aromas: Basil, chervil, tarragon, fennel. Juniper, bay leaf, parsley, rosemary, sage, thyme. Spicy aromas: Cinnamon, clove spices, coriander, cumin, curry, ginger, nutmeg, pepper, saffron. Acid condiments: Lemon, vinegar.

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