What nutrients does each manure and its components provide

Our plants, both in the garden and in pots, need nutrients to be able to develop properly.

guano components

Depending on the type of plant it is and especially the type of harvest it gives us (leaf, fruit, root) it will need more nutrients of one type than another, but in general it will have need for Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus, which we can provide by preparing liquid fertilizers ourselves to be applied in irrigation. We can even add them to our garden with preparations or provide them in a very simple and inexpensive way, for example by providing animal manure.

Composition of manure

In other articles we have already talked more about the different fertilizers and the benefits to use them, but in this article we will focus a little more on the components, with the amounts of nutrients that each manure provides in terms of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus.

These are the main plant nutrients, although they provide many other nutrients that we are not going to mention since I have explained them in more detail in this article, talking about each of them. What nutrients are used by plants and what are they for?.

Composition ( % ) Cow Sheep chicken manure Horse Pig (slurry)
dry material 11:00 p.m. 25.00 10:00 p.m. 25.00 5.20
Organic material 66.28 64.08 64.71 65.84 68.27
Nitrogen (N) 1.84 2.54 1.74 1.52 4.28
Phosphorus (P) 1.73 1.19 4.18 2.14 5.96
Potassium (K) 3.10 2.83 3.79 2.98 5.17
Calcium (Ca) 3.74 7.76 8.90 2.79 4.04
Magnesium (Mgo) 1.08 1.5 1 2.90 0.97 0.96

Character font: SEAE (Spanish Society of Organic Agriculture)

As you can see from the table, one of the most powerful fertilizers in terms of nutrients is chicken fertilizer, but it is also one of the strongest and adding it fresh can burn our plants. So it is best to let it dry out or compost it for a few months before using it, or you can even prepare a manure from chicken manure. Although the most balanced and most used is that of mutton. It’s also the one most recommended for use in the garden, but for me the best advice is to use the one that’s easiest to get to you and the cheapest or most accessible. Although I included the pig thanks to the fact that they had this information, it is the pig manure, not the manure itself, as we will see later in its chemical composition.

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While it is true that other commercial fertilizers or even worm humus provide many more nutrients than manure, it is also true that it is also one of the cheapest fertilizers available. by buying them in specialized stores in the form of granules (especially sheep and horse) like asking them at nearby farms where for very little money or even if you pick up some they give you or sell a trailer of manure for your garden. For example, every year in the winter they give me an entire trailer.

composition of cow dung

Components of guano

The components of guano can vary depending on the source, but generally include organic matter, mineral salts and microorganisms. The ratios vary widely and guano can be nutrient rich or nutrient poor. For this reason, the tables should be considered an estimate.

chemical composition of pig manure

Composition of cow dung

Cow dung is made up of cow droppings and urine. Organic materials ingested by cows are excreted in the form of manure and urine. Manure contains a large amount of beneficial nutrients for the soil and plants.

Chemical composition of pig manure

Pig manure and its chemical properties contain organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. is good for soil fertility and helps plants grow strong and healthy. But it can also be excessively negative due to the amount of ammonia it produces.

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chemical composition of cow dung

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