What vegetables can be grown in pots

Among the questions I am often asked is this: what vegetables can be grown in pots . The dry answer is very simple: all garden vegetables .

There’s no plant that can’t be grown in a properly sized container, as long as it provides the right nutrition, consistent watering, and good exposure to sunlight.

However, if we want to give useful information to those who are decide what to plant on your patio we must go further. Indeed, some cultures are less adapted than others for the balcony garden: there are demanding and bulky plants, which for space reasons cannot be kept in normal pots, others which are difficult to manage, others which are kept in pots are unlikely to be satisfactorily productive. Therefore, let’s find out the relationship between the different plants and the container.

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  • The best plants for the balcony garden

  • Aromatic herbs should not be missing

  • Potted strawberries: absolutely yes

  • Salads: perfect on the balcony

    • What are the best salads to store in a jar?

  • Leafy vegetables for cooking

  • Carrots and radishes on the balcony

  • Garlic and onion

  • Tomatoes, peppers and eggplant

  • potted vegetables

  • Sprouts on the balcony in autumn

  • Demanding plants: pumpkins and courgettes

  • Plants that are not worth growing in a container


Best Balcony Garden Plants

Before detailing how the different types of vegetables can acclimatize in pots, I leave you with a personal top 10 of what I consider to be the best balcony vegetables. This list of suitable crops is designed with the ease of growing in a container and the productivity of the plants in mind. The idea is to advise what to put in a small garden on the terrace which responds well to the domestic consumption of a family.

So here are what I think are the best crops to keep in pots:

  • Strawberries.

  • Basil.

  • Rocket.

  • Pepper.

  • Cherry tomatoes.

  • Rosemary.

  • Wise.

  • Cut the lettuce.

  • Parsley.

  • Oregano.

Aromatic herbs should not be missing

The first plants to be placed on the balcony are undoubtedly aromatic herbs. In the kitchen they are very useful and there is nothing better than use freshly picked . Since they are used in small doses, even a small patio can produce enough aroma for household needs. Having them outside the window is also nice because of the smell that they release

They are virtually any easy-to-grow plant in small to medium pots .

Specifically rosemary, sage, thyme, oregano and marjoram they are particularly hardy and as they are perennials they do not have to be sown every year. Mint it is even more rustic and simple, but consider planting it in a pot: it has weed roots, which tend to colonize the entire space.

Among the parsley annuals it is luxuriant if it is well exposed to the sun. basil it is perfect for planting in a pot, even if it is very sensitive to drought: don’t forget to water it often.




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