Where to buy live ladybugs to kill aphids

It is a fact that boys and girls find ladybugs, vaquitas de San Antonio or ladybugs, as our readers from Argentina and Mexico call them respectively, very pretty.

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But the children are not the only ones who are happy to see them. Gardeners generally celebrate the arrival of these animals in our cultures. For this reason, when they do not appear, we have the option of buying live ladybugs, and in this post we explain where. But first let’s see what benefits they bring to our garden.


Buy ladybugs against aphids

The benefits of ladybugs they are multiple and they are very good at controlling pests like aphids, one of the main reasons for their presence in the garden. But they also feed on dust mites, bed bugs and even beetle larvae.

300 favorite live ladybugs |  live delivery...

300 favorite live ladybugs | live delivery…

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  • Targets: mites, moth eggs, mites, mealybugs, leaflets, bedbugs and other slow-moving insects.
  • Once released, adult ladybugs should mate and lay eggs in 8-10 days. From egg to adult, it takes 3-4 weeks in summer, 6 weeks in spring.
  • A larva can eat about 400 aphids until they become puppets.
  • An adult can eat more than 5,000 aphids.

Therefore, buying ladybugs to control pests of aphids It is one of the preferred ecological means in the garden and one of the most environmentally friendly forms of biological control.

One of the most common questions readers ask is how many specimens are needed to combat a pest, and the truth is that this is very much relative to the size of the harvest. For example, in the case of a plague in a few pots, suppose it is in a space of a patio or a balcony of a house, with 5 specimens we would have enough, since it is a fairly voracious insect with aphids. In an orchard there will obviously be a few that we need.

Where to buy live ladybugs in Spain

Let’s take a look at where to buy live ladybugs in Spain, especially in some of the towns where La Huertina readers often ask us. If you know of other points of sale, send us the information and we will add it.

Biological control. Control Bio, based in Almeria, offers packs of 500 7-pointed ladybug eggs for pest control.

Agriculture. This company from Castellón offers packs of 100 larvae of the species Adalia bipunctatatwo-spotted lady beetles, which are predators of many types of aphids.

ecobest. This biological control and zero waste company, based in Almería, has in its store packaging of eggs and larvae of the species Adalia bipunctata or two-spotted ladybugs.

If you know of places to buy ladybugs in Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Madrid and Las Palmas in person, send us a message to complete the article.

ladybug larvae

Where to Buy Live Ladybugs in Mexico, Peru, and Argentina

In Mexico, buying ladybugs, as they are called there, is not that easy, so you usually have to resort to US-based marketplaces or online shops that ship internationally.

It is also not easy to buy them in Peru, which is why some municipalities like Miraflores have created their own Municipal Insectariums to attract these beneficial insects.

And like in Peru, it is also difficult to buy the vaquitas of San Antonio in Argentina. In Mendoza, in the west of the country, they recently created a farm for these insects to avoid the plagues that have devastated many crops in the region.

If you know where to buy ladybugs, San Antonio vaquitas, or whatever they call ladybugs in your area, let us know and we’ll add it to the article.

Buy ladybugs online

You can buy ladybugs online in the aforementioned points in Spain, as well as in some market places. In general, the concern when buying them online is that many larvae arrive dead, but for this the packages are prepared so that the insects have enough food and excellent conditions.

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Bring them to the garden

On another occasion, we talked about how to attract ladybugs in the orchard or in the garden with plants such as dandelion, calendula, tortilla, tile, geranium, mint, parsley or dill, among many others.

As we recently explained in another post, a insect hotel This can be a great attraction for this species and other species beneficial to the garden, such as pollinators.

Navaris Hôtel des Insectes Bois M - observatory of...

Navaris Hôtel des Insectes Bois M – observatory of…

  • 5 STAR HOTEL: The insect house serves as a shelter for living insects in the garden, terrace or balcony of your home. In their cavities will live bees, butterflies, ladybugs, beetles, ants, etc.
  • BIOLOGICAL BALANCE: The materials of the insect hotel are natural: wood, bamboo and pineapple. This allows creatures to easily build a nest as if they were in the wild.
  • AGAINST RAIN: The sloping roof of the insect cage has an iron plate to protect the house from rain. This way the wood and branches are not too wet. In addition, it also protects insects from birds.
  • PORTABLE: With the pendant, you can place the insect catcher on a wall or on the fence of your garden or terrace (nails not included).
  • FUN AND EDUCATIONAL: Children will learn about wildlife and this is one item that will help with pest control that may be in your home. It is a great decorative wild creature collection item.

Also, the aphids themselves could sometimes work as a “call” and make the ladybugs come on their own in search of food, but if that’s not the case and you need to introduce them, you can always buy them and get them to stay forever.

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