How to make a homemade chicken coop. Two proposals with pallets and wood

A homemade chicken coop, in addition to being simple, mobile and easy to transport, is ideal for those of us who want to have chickens at homeand it is something completely compatible with the garden.

homemade chicken coop

In the Toni’s orchard, we are always looking for ways to be able to recycle or to be able to do things while spending as little money as possible. In this case, we will show you how I made these two homemade chicken coops. We will make one with recycled wood from pallets, which we can find or order in a polygon or company. The other with frieze type wood for covering walls and floors.


Functions of this homemade chicken coop

The function of the homemade chicken coop being mobile is that it works great for moving it between The terraces after the end of the growth cycle. The goal is that the hens will pay and by the way clean the substrate of worms or caterpillars a little (undesirable) aside too fight snails and slugs.

As you can see, the chicken is a great predator, it also helps to clean the bed of “weeds”, weeds, as well as the remains of seeds who remained on the ground.

Don’t tell me the idea isn’t great! In this article, I explain in more detail the advantages and advantages of having a mobile chicken coop for the orchard.

In order to realize the idea, two things must be taken into account, that it is as light as possible and that it fits well on the terraces, to protect it from foxes or ferrets.

That it was light, but also big enough for two or three chickens to fit in it. The others would continue to be kept in the large henhouse, even if, in the henhouse of the mobile home, they would not remain there for more than a month or a fortnight.

How to make a simple and light homemade chicken coop

To make this homemade chicken coop, we will need slats and boards. As I explain in the video, the idea is that in this example, unlike the homemade chicken coop with pallets in the following example and which I realized a few years ago, is that it would lighter.

I recommend that the slats be 2.5 cm thick and the simplest and lightest planks or frieze sheets, which can be purchased at any DIY store.

Both the number of slats and their length must be adaptable and linked to the size of your bed, but the process for making this type of homemade chicken coop is, in any case, always the same.

As we see when making this simple chicken coop, it consists of two parts that in the video we explain how to do it step by step. One is the stand:

pallet chicken coop

The other part is the external structure, also triangular, covered with a mesh:

wooden chicken coops

We must take into account that the doors are functional and accessible. On one side, the one that will be opened to retrieve the eggs, and on the other, on the side of the mesh, the one that will be used to place the water and the food. It is secured with two closures so that neither chickens escape nor predators such as foxes can enter.

how to make a homemade chicken coop

How to make a chicken coop with pallets

When I made this chicken coop out of pallets, about 8 years ago, I had wanted to make one that was transportable for a long time. Always looking on the Internet for interesting models or ideas for making it, so as to provide the hens with the greatest comfort and to serve my purposes.

make a simple chicken coop

Of course, I needed it to weigh little to be able to move it. Eventually, by putting together several ideas and developing others, I found the model: a chicken coop that had a cultivation table above the nest. We could grow lettuce or a plant there: a two for one!

The measurements for this homemade pallet coop model are as follows, although these are the ones I use to adapt it to my garden. It serves to guide you, but as in the other case, they do not have to be the same:

Length: I put 4 strips of wood of 200cm (2m). This would be the total length of the chicken coop, enough for two or three hens. And the slats were about 25 x 38mm.

chicken coop with pallets

Large : Since my beds are 1 meter wide and the coop had to fit in the bed. I put a width of 90cm, so that there is enough space to adapt it. Added to the thickness of the length, they would give us the 95cm width we wanted. The slats were also 25 x 38 mm (5 for the chicken coop) and 45 x 38 mm (2 thicker to support the weight of the nest).

High : The height I wanted to give it was a total of one meter so that if we subtract the thickness of the side strips, we would still have to cut the height strip at 96.2 cm. These are a little thicker than the others to support the weight well, since they are 6 strips of 45 x 38mm.

homemade chicken coop with pallets

For the rest of the structure, such as the front door, the nest door frame plus a top strip to separate the wire mesh from the planter, we also used purchased strips. For everything else, we used wood from recycled pallets. It will be about 6 pallets in total. Besides, you can also take advantage of it and make a homemade bird feeder and one chicken waterer free.

And that’s all the important data, the rest of how we did it and how this model is made is in this video.

I hope you are encouraged to make a homemade wooden chicken coop, either with recycled pallets or with light slats and that the hens accompany you in the garden. In the Ideas Verdes blog they offer 30 ideas to make a portable chicken coop for very little.

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How to make a homemade wooden chicken coop

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