White Mineral Oil: Mealybug Remedy

white oil is a mineral oil authorized for organic cultivation and particularly useful for the protection of fruit plants.

This is the most effective remedy for scale insects and, precisely for this reason, it is often used to rid lemons and oranges of this common pest, which is often found on citrus fruits.

Let’s find out more about this treatment, for learn how to shape it properly and know when to use it in the citrus field or for other fruit trees.

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  • what is white oil

  • insecticidal action

  • How we use it

    • When to give white oil to the garden

    • What plants to use it on

    • Precautions and waiting time

    • Which one to choose


white oil

White mineral oil is derived from the refining of petroleum which, by a distillation process cleans the most toxic substances . The very name “white oil” indicates the process of “cleansing” to which the substance is subjected, resulting in a refined mineral oil, useful in particular for ridding plants of cochineal.

Although derived from petroleum, it is an authorized product in organic farming, it is less harmful than many other pesticides. When buying a mineral oil to do a treatment it is good to choose one produced by a reliable brand , which is well refined. Solabiol Oliocin can be a good choice.

insecticidal action

Mineral oil is a biological hedge insecticide which means that it acts on the plant and is not absorbed by the foliar apparatus of the plant.

The principle of the insecticide it’s physical, not chemical : once diluted in water and sprinkled on the plant, it creates a fine veil able to cover the insects and their eggs, causing them to die by suffocation.

This characteristic is the real strength of mineral oil: it attacks without introducing toxins into the ecosystem and therefore has less impact on the environment than other substances used in plant protection.

What insects strike

Mineral oil is useful for small insects, mainly used for cochineal and mites like the red spider.

It is very useful to carry out specific treatments to prevent problems the following season, since this also affects the eggs of insects that overwinter in the bark.

Against the cochineal there is also greener remedies , adapted to leisure contexts: the totally non-toxic and self-produced macerated fern, and the soft potassium soap or Marseille soap. However, especially in the event of a strong presence of the parasite, white oil allows excellent help to get rid of the problem .

How to use

mineral oil is used diluted in water and pulverized in generous doses on the affected parts of the plant, trying to reach each point and thus rid the tree of insects. When spraying the preparation, take care to also spray the lower page of the leaves .

Dosage and dilution should be checked on the product packaging.

When to give white oil to the garden

The ideal is to carry out the treatments in the phases of greater mobility of the mealybugs in the plant, then in early spring and fall . In case of heavy infestation, treatments can also be carried out during the growing season, but it is always better to do them at night.

It’s necessary avoid the hottest periods when the pores of the plant tissues are open and there would be a risk of phytotoxicity .

It’s better also avoid treatments in case of rain to prevent the product from dragging and the application being useless.

What plants to use it on

Mites and mealybugs are very common pests, which can affect all cultivated species, both fruit and ornamental. Therefore, white oil can be used in various fruit trees: pome fruit, stone fruit, olive groves and others. .

The citrus It is a family of fruits particularly harassed by the cochineal, which is why in citrus groves, especially orange and lemon trees, white oil is generally used.

Precautions and waiting time

Mineral oil is a phytopharmaceutical and, as with any insecticide, although it is authorized by the biological method, it is important read the label carefully and scrupulously follow the prescribed instructions the recommended doses and the shortage time.

waiting time means the period between treatment and consumption of the fruit, normally for white oil it is about 20 days of deficiency. However, it is important to check according to the product and the culture.

Which one to choose

Under the heading of white oil you can find slightly different mineral oils, it is important to choose a reliable product that has been well refined and therefore as toxic as possible. in this an excellent choice is OLIOCINE from SOLABIOL French company specializing in advanced organic farming products.

In commerce, it is often found with the phrase ” mealybug prominently, to emphasize its most important use.

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