Why buy oranges at home?

Technological innovations have led to a change in our consumption habits. It is estimated that approximately 40% of people with Internet access make purchases through this medium. The pandemic has helped overcome the fear of digital shopping, but also of buying food online. At the same time, it stimulated local trade. We welcome this new reality.

In fact, buying food, especially fruits and vegetables online, has even more advantages than buying other types of products. The reason is that the purchase of fruits and vegetables, for example, the purchase of oranges at home, encourages local businesses. In addition, it cuts out middlemen who make it difficult for top quality products to reach the end consumer.

We all know that the field is experiencing a borderline situation. Rising costs and low profit margins are suffocating you. Under these circumstances, various agricultural producers have in recent years created websites and electronic sales portals to market their own products.

The initiative pursues a double objective: to make the work of the farmers profitable on the one hand and to offer the customer freshly harvested products of superior quality on the other. They both win.

Think, for example, of our country’s citrus production. Oranges in Spain enjoy international prestige and have a Protected Designation of Origin and Geographical Indication (PGI). Of course, we are talking about Valencia oranges.

That being the case, would it be wise to buy oranges in supermarkets, oranges that have traveled long distances from other places? And even more so when you consider how easy it is to buy oranges online. And not just any orange. Those of exceptional quality. You can buy Valencia oranges in the different seasonal varieties that are grown and harvested throughout the different months of the year.


Benefits of buying oranges at home

Electronic transactions are here to stay, even when it comes to buying oranges at home. In this article we want to be specific and tell you about all the advantages of buying quality oranges (the highest quality, by the way) without leaving home.


Health authorities such as international organizations and nutritionists agree that our eating habits must be adapted to seasonal criteria.

And what is it due to? Because it is in its own season that each food provides the maximum nutritional value. If so, have you ever wondered why in supermarkets and other establishments you usually find oranges out of season?

The different varieties of oranges (navel oranges, blood oranges, navelina orange, etc.) have a harvest period. The last, the late alleys – in Valencia these are the late Valencias – are harvested during the month of June or July at the latest.

However, in the supermarket you will find different types of oranges in the height of summer or in months of the year other than when they are harvested. The explanation is that these oranges are picked from the tree before they ripen, stored in cold storage, artificially treated, and transported so stores never run out of supplies.

This shows that economic criteria predominate in the majority of large establishments, even if they imply a reduction in the quality of the genre.

In contrast, when you buy door-to-door oranges from the growers themselves through electronic sales channels, they will serve you the orange that is in season at that time (for example, varieties like the navelate orange from January to March). Freshly picked fruit, picked off the tree and from the tree to your house.

So buying oranges at home is the only way to ensure that natural oranges with the maximum flavor, aroma, texture, appearance and nutritional values ​​reach your pantry.


This advantage of buying oranges at home is directly linked to the previous one. As you buy directly from the farmers, the freshness of the product is guaranteed. We receive your order, we collect the oranges, we select them and, with the fruit just picked from the tree, we transport it to the address indicated.

Naturally, the fresher the product, the longer you can store it in perfect conditions for consumption at home. There are no chemical additives, waxes or fillers. Natural oranges, citrus fruits freshly picked straight from the tree.

speed of service

From Valencia to home. Literally. Your order of oranges at home arrives in a maximum period for the peninsula of 24-28 hours from the precise moment you place the order of oranges or any other fruit or vegetable.


Without leaving home. In just two minutes you can place the order. At any time, of course. 24/7. No need to move or carry weight. You will receive oranges hanging on the orange tree at your house a few hours ago.

In addition, when buying oranges from home, you also usually have the possibility of placing orders through a multitude of channels (WhatsApp, social networks in general, e-mail, telephone…).

Wide assortment of fruits and vegetables

When buying fruits and vegetables at home, especially citrus fruits, you can choose between different types of oranges. The variety of oranges for each season, both table oranges and juice oranges.

Varieties such as navel oranges and within it navelina, lane late or navelate. Also blood oranges, white oranges with their subtypes… There is even the possibility of creating baskets of citrus fruits or other fruit mixtures.

Competitive prices

The Internet market is so large that prices have to be adjusted. You can compare and choose the one that offers the best value for money.

Information and personalized attention

The websites of online shops that offer oranges at home regularly update their content. They inform about news, offers and promotions.

You will also be able to consult the characteristics of the type of orange you want, the health benefits associated with it and consumption suggestions.

In addition, and because we are experts in Valencia oranges, here we will tell you which is the best for this or that use. Imagine you are looking for orange juice. A table orange is not exactly the same as a juice orange.

If so requested, they will send home the variety of orange from which you can get more juice and better quality. In addition, all your questions will be answered.

Local and sustainable trade

We are committed to the environment. We cannot continue to postpone decision-making that helps stop mistreating our planet.

The practices of large establishments, which invest energy resources and cause damage to the environment due to the transport of goods from distant points, lead to the opposite.

But if we also have exceptional quality oranges just around the corner… what’s the point of bringing them from the other side of the world? Buying oranges at home directly from their producers also means supporting local businesses, especially those that need help as much as the agricultural sector.

The rules of the game have changed. E-commerce has eliminated long distribution chains and intermediaries that increase costs and decrease the quality of the food product.

It’s in your hands to take advantage of these new times by joining those who have already introduced online home shopping, also of fruits and vegetables, into their routines.

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