Why Choose Cordless Tools

A few years ago, it was unthinkable to use a battery-powered brushcutter outside of a small domestic lawn: they were not very powerful and not very autonomous tools. Today, technology has changed the game, so much so that battery power is gradually replacing the noisy combustion engine.

The purchase of a cordless garden tool offers a series of important advantages which guide the choice of an increasing number of customers towards this type of machine. Brushcutters, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, blowers, cordless lawnmowers, are now also available on the market as professional models with excellent performance. Some major manufacturers, such as STIHL, invest in better and better battery models and offer a complete range to satisfy all users.


What are the advantages of cordless tools

Battery-powered tools are quiet and lightweight, fuel efficient and easy to maintain, and are more environmentally friendly than the combustion engine, which uses fuel and produces carbon monoxide. Let’s see the main reasons why we prefer this technology.

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  • Less contamination . The internal combustion engine works with combustion that produces polluting exhaust gases, while battery tools do not emit any type of exhaust gases. In addition, the batteries are rechargeable by means of electricity which can come from renewable sources, such as photovoltaics. For these reasons, we can say that battery-powered agricultural machinery is more environmentally friendly.
  • No smoking . Even discounting the ethical motivation of pollution, smoking tools are really boring. When operating garden equipment such as hedge trimmers, chainsaws and brushcutters, you are in close contact with the engine, so the operator is the first to breathe in the exhaust fumes. When the engine is mixed, the smell of oil is added to the gasoline, making the fumes even more unpleasant.
  • little noise . The noise of the tool is a factor of great fatigue for the operator, the battery motor is not very noisy. Having silent tools is particularly appreciated in professional use because it allows you to work in the garden in the morning without disturbing the peace of mind of customers and their neighbours.
  • Less weight. Cordless tools are much lighter, making them much easier to handle and reducing work fatigue.
  • Less maintenance . The battery eliminates a whole series of engine elements that require careful and periodic maintenance, such as the spark plug, the carburetor, the air filter. This means saving time and money without affecting performance.

What cordless tools are used in the garden

The first battery tool to choose is the hedge trimmer: it is the one that tires the arms the most and the fact that it is lighter certainly allows you to work better.

The brushcutter, especially in medium power models, and the leaf blower also benefit greatly from the advantages of batteries.

For chainsaws and lawn mowers, the choice is more difficult: in leisure use the battery has certainly surpassed equivalent petrol tools, but in the most powerful models the performance of the internal combustion engine remains unbeatable, although thanks to With constant technological improvements this gap could be filled in the years to come.

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