zucchini parmigiana

Here is a recipe that involves the use of a vegetable always generously present in our gardens and in particular the star of the summer harvest: the zucchini. We will use it in an extremely tasty and easy-to-prepare recipe: a delicious parmesan, in which roasted zucchini will alternate with layers of cooked ham, basil pesto and cheese.

It is therefore not the “green” version of the classic eggplant parmesan: nothing will be fried and there will be no tomato, but the result will still be attractive and appetizing. The sweetness of zucchini pairs well with the flavor of pesto, ham and cheese.

Set aside some zucchini from your garden, then try this “white and green” version of Parmigiana, you won’t be disappointed! Alternatively, you can find many other zucchini recipes on the dedicated page.

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