Chicken salad with peppers and olives

When the peppers are very fresh and perhaps just picked from the garden, they can also be enjoyed raw. Raw pepper is actually crunchy and juicy and is perfect for preparing salads or to enrich a second course. They are used to make a very nice chicken salad with peppers and black olives, very easy to make and also perfect for a lunch in the park.

You can make chicken salad with peppers and olives using cooked chicken for this purpose or by recycling cooked chicken and leftovers (eg rotisserie or oven roasted chicken).

Of course, you can also customize the chicken salad by adding other vegetables or flavors according to your tastes and what you have at home and in the garden. If the peppers are not digested, it will be enough to completely remove the seeds, the filaments and the skin, or even to use a simple potato peeler to lighten the recipe.

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