10 plants that reproduce without seeds at home

There are plants in the garden that are often best propagated by methods other than seeds, as there are much faster and more efficient forms of reproduction such as cuttings, bulbs, layering, tubers. In today’s article we will see 10 plants that reproduce perfectly without seeds.

seedless plant reproduction


10 plants without seeds or that can be reproduced without them

Let’s look at 10 plants that can reproduce without seeds, both to speed up the process and because that’s how, in some cases, they need to propagate.


THE strawberry seeds They are outside the fruit. Yes, it’s those little seeds that you can see and they can be dried and planted, but that would take a lot longer than reproducing them. by runners. Runners are nothing more than those little plants that the adult strawberry plant releases and which over time will take root and grow into another adult plant much sooner than if we had planted them from seed.

seedless plants


It is a plant that reproduces easily per seed because it has sufficient germination power but even easier when cutting. It is necessary to take a branch of about 10 cm or 15 cm, we remove the lower leaves so that they do not rot in contact with water and we put them in a small boat, in a few days the roots will start to come out and when enough come out They could be transplanted into a pot. Here We will explain to you in more detail.


Potato is another one of those easy-to-reproduce seedless plants. It is better to plant potatoes small in size, approximately the size of a paddle ball, although if larger they can be split in 2 and planted. The potatoes will sprout through the buds that are on the skin and will give rise to a potato plant which in turn will begin to take root and we would already have the complete plant. Remember that the potato must be buried completely to prevent it from being affected by the Guatemalan butterfly.

plants that reproduce without seeds


Garlic is another one of those plants that reproduce without seeds. The cloves of the head of garlic must be separated and so they can be planted in the orchard of this form. It’s important to keep your distance so they can grow properly and here are some tips for plant garlic and they get pretty big.

how seedless plants reproduce

Pepper mint

It’s a very fragrant plant which is traditionally used in broths and in broths. It is very easy to plant because by taking a few branches and soaking them in water, it will start to take root immediately. After a few weeks they can be potted. At harvest time, we only have to collect twigs, because it is easy to regrow.


THE papaya plants These are tropical trees that are difficult to reproduce by seed. There is a fairly effective method that involves air layering to get a new plant that produces fruit. The trunk is normally long and tall without any branches. It only branches when several years have passed and that’s when we can do the layering.

A cut is made above the branch that we want to remove and a bag with well-bound moist soil is placed over it so that the branch can take root. After a few weeks, we can finish cutting it and planting it.

how seedless plants reproduce


It is an aromatic plant that is used to season, attract beneficial insects or to make hedges because it grows quite easily. And it is also very easy to reproduce by cutting. In the post on reproduce rosemary by cuttings We explain the steps to follow.


It is a root that is used as a condiment or ingredient for certain sweets. It is very healthy and can be easily obtained. You can plant a few pieces and over time we can get new plants. Here is a complete guide to ginger plant and you will see all about this plant that is born without seeds.


It’s a tuber which is used as a vegetable or even to make sweets in some places. It is traditionally said that if you plant the tuber you will get branches, but if you plant cuttings you will get more tubers. That is why to sow them, cuttings of 15-20 cm are made from the harvested branches of the previous plant in order to obtain a new crop.

If you live in town and can’t get one, just soak a piece of sweet potato until it starts to branch, then take cuttings from those branches.

10 seedless plants

tropical pineapple

The base of the leaves should be cut off and soaked in water for a few days, when the roots begin to emerge the water should be changed regularly to prevent rotting.

When the roots are big enough, they can be planted in a pot of about 50 liters because the plant needs at least 2 years to start producing pineapples.

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10 seedless plants

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