Chicken manure or chicken manure and its uses in the garden

An excellent fertilizer that we can use in the garden is chicken manure or chicken manure. have a chicken coop at home or in the garden, in addition to all the advantages of having our own eggs, since we control the process, we contribute to the nutrition and they are free from suffering (since most eggs come from hens in terrible conditions), it can help us to clean and fertilize the terraces, and as we are going to see today, it will help us to create an excellent fertilizer for the garden. Let’s see how to prepare chicken manure for use in our crops.

chicken manure


How to make chicken manure compost

Every 15 or 20 days we will clean the chicken coop, and we will obtain a mixture of straw, feathers and chicken excrement that we will use to create a fertilizer rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, three essential complements to the nutrition of our plants and crops.

It is important to emphasize, although it will be obvious to many, that the better and more varied the diet of our chickens, the better the fertilizer we will get from chicken manure.

chicken manure composting

Chicken manure or chicken manure should be dried or composted before using in the garden, to prevent excess nutrients from burning plants or roots. However, if we want to use it to improve the quality of the land, there is no need to do anything.

Once the hen manure has been collected, it must be turned continuously, as seen in the video, every two or three days.

We will be able to use it about 60 days after the start of the process. In addition to turning it over and waiting for this amount of time, we must ensure that it does not exceed a temperature above 35 degrees.

chicken manure composting

Other methods of use

If we were to use this chicken manure to add to the compost heap or if it’s to make chicken manure slurry (We have already seen the latter both in the blog and in the Youtube channel). This slurry is rich in magnesium, phosphorus and nitrogen.

If we were to mix the chicken manure with the compost, that is, mix it with it, which is also very interesting, we just add it to the compost bin and that’s it. The good thing is that the microorganisms present in the intestinal tract of animals can benefit from the process of composting their organic waste.

chicken manure pH

The pH of chicken manure varies, but is generally above 7, although it can help regulate the substrate when it is too acidic. At the same time, in soils with a pH above 7.5, its use could be counterproductive.

chicken manure

We recommend that you read the article on How to measure soil pH at home know if our soil is acidic or alkaline

Gallinaza: advantages and disadvantages of its use

THE advantages or benefits of chicken manure as organic fertilizer There are many of them, as we have already mentioned. It provides soil nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium, essential nutrients for healthy plant growth, as well as calcium and sodium, which can also help improve soil conditions.

nutrient Amount (%)
Calcium 6.12%
Match 3.08%
Magnesium 0.83%
Organic material 70.00%
Nitrogen 3.47%
Potassium 2.09%
Sodium 0.56%

In addition, chicken manure helps increase the amount of organic matter in the soil, which improves its structure and ability to hold water.

Another advantage of chicken manure is that it is a natural fertilizer and environmentally responsible. Using chemical fertilizers to fertilize soils can harm the environment, land and water. Chicken manure is therefore a natural alternative that does not contain harmful chemicals.

increases the carbon concentration in the substrateand improve the moisture retention in the same.

chicken manure compost

Chicken manure also has some disadvantages. One of them is that it is a fertilizer Very powerful, so I recommend using it mostly in leafy or root crops, and less and with caution in fruit crops. Also, you have to be much more careful than with other fertilizers or manures, because chicken manure has much more nitrogen than these.

However, if used wisely and cautiously, chicken manure as an organic fertilizer is excellent for the garden, and provides many benefits for soil and plant health.

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chicken manure

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