10 plants with pink flowers to grow in pots or in the garden

There are many plants with small pink flowers

Do you like plants with pink flowers? They look great on their own or in combination with others of other colors, and there is also a huge variety of easy-to-care-for species. Grasses, bushes, cacti… today, it is not expensive to have the decoration of your dreams in the garden, the patio, the balcony or the terrace.

Now well, what are your first names? If you are curious, we will name those that we consider the most interesting, not only because they do not require special care, but also because they are beautiful.


pink wallflower (matthiola incana)

Wallflower is an herb that blooms in the spring

Wallflower is an herb that lives for about two years: after flowering, something that happens in the second year after planting, it dies. But it is a plant whose seed germinates very well, which grows quickly and will give you great satisfaction: it can measure up to 80 centimeters in height, and it has small flowers grouped in inflorescences, which can be of different colors. like yellow, white or of course pink. But it is important that it is put in a sunny place so that it is well.

pink azalea (Rhododendron simsii)

The azalea is a shrub with beautiful flowers.

The azalea is an evergreen shrub that reaches up to 2 meters in height, but it rarely exceeds one meter and less if kept in a pot. Its leaves are small, dark green and blooms in spring and sometimes also in summer. Its flowers are 1-1.5 cm wide, white, red or pink, and appear in inflorescences. It is recommended to put it in the shade or partial shade, and to protect it from severe frosts. Likewise, it should be planted in acid soils and watered with rainwater or lime-free water.

Dragon Mouth (Antirrhinum majus)

Snapdragon is a biennial herb

Snapdragon grass is a biennial plant (it lives for two years, like wallflower), which blooms the second year, in spring. It reaches a height of between 50 centimeters and 2 meters, and produces flowers in terminal inflorescences of yellow, white, red, and how could it be otherwise, also pink. Sun-loving, it is a species that blends very well with others of similar size, such as the aforementioned wallflower, carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus) or blueberry (Knapweed cyanus).

Heating (Erica umbellata)

Pink heather is an evergreen shrub

Image – Wikimedia/Donald Judge

Heather is an evergreen shrub that reaches a maximum height of 1.5 meters. It has linear green leaves and in spring it produces a large number of small pink flowers grouped in inflorescences. Out of curiosity, you should know that it contains allelopathic substances, which inhibit the growth of plants that try to grow nearby; therefore, we advise you to plant it at least one meter away from other species. It needs sun and acid soils. It can withstand both cold and frost.

scented geranium (Pelargonium graveolens)

Pelargonium has small pink flowers

Image – Wikimedia/Eric Hunt

The scented geranium or pelargonium is an evergreen shrub that reaches a height of 1.5 meters. It is a plant widely used to beautify balconies, patios and terraces, as it adapts very well to pot life. Besides, blooms for several months in a row: from late winter to summer, and it does this by producing small pink or white flowers. But be careful: it is very important that it be placed in a sunny place, and that it be protected from severe frosts if there are any.

Mammillaria bocasana

Mammillaria bocasana is a small cactus

Image – Wikimedia/Agnieszka Kwiecien, Nova

The Mammillaria bocasana It is a globose cactus that reaches a height of 10 centimeters and a diameter of 5 centimeters. It is covered in what looks like white hairs and short, harmless hook-shaped spines grow from its areoles. The flowers bloom in summer and can be yellow or more commonly pink.. Like most cacti, it needs sun, or at least plenty of light, and soil that drains water very well. It should be watered little, only when said soil is dry. Withstands light frosts.

Rhododendron (Rhododendron ferrugineum)

The rhododendron can have pink flowers

The rhododendron is an evergreen shrub that grows between 50 centimeters and 2 meters in height. Its leaves are dark green on the upper side and lighter on the lower side. The flowers are pink, small and grow in short inflorescences at the top of stems in spring.. Like the azalea, it can grow only in acidic soils, so it will also be convenient to irrigate it with rainwater or with one that does not have lime. It can withstand moderate frosts.

pink sage (Salvia nemorosa ‘Rose Queen’‘)

Pink sage is a perennial herb

Image – Wikimedia/David J. Stang

Pink sage is a perennial herb that reaches a height of up to 60 centimeters. The leaves are simple and pubescent, and blooms in spring-summer. Its flowers appear on flower stalks called inflorescences and are pink. It requires direct exposure to the sun to be able to grow, but otherwise it does not need any special care: just water from time to time. It tolerates the cold without any problem.

verbena (hybrid verbena)

Verbena is a herbaceous plant with pink flowers.

Image – Wikimedia/KENPEI

Verbena is a perennial herb grown as an annual that reaches a height of 30 to 35 centimeters and produces small green leaves. Blooms in spring and summer, producing numerous flowers about a centimeter in diameter, which may be lilac, red or pink. It requires a lot of light to grow well, and moderate watering. It does not resist the cold.

Pink vinegar (Oxalis jointed)

Vinegar rose is a perennial herb

Image – Wikimedia/H. Zelle

Rose dressing is a perennial herb that grows up to 50 centimeters in height. It develops brittle stems, like all Oxalis. The leaves are green and in spring and summer it produces flowers of an intense pink-purple color which measure 1 to 1.5 centimeters in diameter. To avoid problems, it is advisable to grow it in a pot, since this way it will be much more controlled. Put it in a sunny place and water it moderately. It is resistant to weak frosts.

Which of these pink flowering plants did you like the most?

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