10 types of Colocasia, the most beautiful

Colocasias are large-leaved plants

It is known that there are more than twenty varieties of Colocasia, herbaceous and rhizomatous plants that have large leaves, so large that one could put both open hands under them and they would be hidden. They are huge. But that is precisely why they are such popular plants: whether kept indoors or outdoors, they provide a bewitching tropical exoticism.

In addition, they are not demanding plants. All they need is light (but not direct) and heat. And this at home is easily achievable. For it, we are going to show the most recommended different types of colocasia.


Colocasia ‘Black Coral’

There are many types of colocasia

Image – Flickr/cultivar413

The Colocasia ‘Black Coral’ is a plant that reaches a height of 1.20 meters and a width of 90 centimeters. Its leaves are large, up to 40-70 centimeters, and are dark lilac in color.. It is a beautiful cultivar that adapts very well to pot life, but it is important to protect it from frost.

Colocasia ‘Black Magic’

The Colocasia Black Magic has purple leaves

Image – elclubdelasplantas.com

The Colocasia ‘Black Magic’ is very similar to the previous one; in fact, it’s easy to confuse them if you don’t know them well. But to know if it is a ‘Black Magic’, just look at its leaves and touch them: if they are velvety, then it is, but if they are bright lilac, it will be a ‘Black Coral’. It must also be protected if temperatures drop below 0 degrees.

Colocasia ‘Hawaiian Punch’

The Colocasia Hawaiian Punch has red stems

Image – longfield-gardens.com

Colocasia ‘Hawaiian Punch’ is one of my favorite cultivars. It has green leaves, but the nerves and stems that hold them up are a gorgeous coral red color.. In addition, it can measure between 1 and 1.5 meters in height, and its rhizome supports moderate frosts very well. It is a perfect plant in the patio, on the terrace or in a room where there is plenty of light.

Colocasia esculenta (formerly Colocasia antiquorum)

Colocasia esculenta is a herbaceous plant

Image – Wikimedia/NasserHalaweh

The colocasia esculenta it is the most common variety; and almost always it is also the “mother” of the cultivars that attract so much attention. It is known as malanga, taro, or pituca, and is native to Asia, probably southeast. It grows up to one meter tall and has green leaves about 40 centimeters long by 70 centimeters wide. Its stems are green. The rhizome resists frost, but its leaves die when the cold comes.

Colocasia gigantea

The giant colocasia is a very large plant

Image – Wikimedia/Dick Culbert

The Colocasia gigantea It is a species known as giant elephant ear or Indian taro that reaches a height of between 1.5 and 3 meters. Its leaves are green, large since they can measure almost a meter in length.. It is native to Southeast Asia including Japan, but although it can withstand the cold, only the rhizome will withstand some moderate frosts.

Colocasia ‘Kona Coffee’

Kona colocasia coffee has dark leaves

Image – Flickr/Dick Culbert

Colocasia ‘Kona Coffee’ is a cultivar that has dark green or dark lilac leaves and reddish stems. It is a medium-sized plant, reaching a height of around 1 meter, and is ideal for growing in pots or ponds. Like other varieties, it tolerates cold very well, but frosts dry out the leaves.

Colocasia ‘Maui Gold’

The Colocasia Maui Gold has yellowish green leaves

Image – Wikimedia/Krzysztof Ziarnek, Kenraiz

Colocasia ‘Maui Gold’ is a cultivar that It has very light green leaves which, with the reflection of the sun, seem almost yellow.. The stems are pale in color and can be about 1 meter high. It needs a minimum of 6 hours of direct light, as well as a mild climate to grow well.

Colocasia ‘Mojito’

There are several types of colocasia

Image – carousell.com

Colocasia ‘Mojito’ is one of the most curious cultivars: it has green leaves with dark bluish lilac spots which attract a lot of attention. Moreover, it has red stems. It is a beautiful plant that reaches a height of 1 to 1.2 meters by about 60 centimeters wide. It can be kept in pots, ponds or in the garden exposed to the sun. It prefers warm climates, although it tolerates cold.

Colocasia ‘Teacup’

The Colocasia teacup has green leaves

Image – brentandbeckysbulbs.com

Colocasia ‘Tea Cup’ somewhat resembles ‘Hawaiian Punch’, but differs in have almost black leaf veins and stalks, not red. These leaves are green and about 60 centimeters long. The total height of the plant is 1.5 meters, and the most interesting thing is that the rhizome easily withstands frost.

Colocasia ‘White Lava’

White Lava colocasia has a white spot

Image – Wikimedia/Cultivar 413

Colocasia ‘White Lava’ is another splendid cultivar. It has dark green leaves with a white patch that extends across its center., as if it were lava making its way through the grooves of a volcano. It grows up to 1.20 meters high and 90 centimeters wide. It likes the sun a lot, it can even expose itself to it directly, but it must be protected if there is frost in your area and you do not want it to lose its leaves (the rhizome supports negative temperatures well ).

Which of these types of Colocasia did you like the most?

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