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Eucalyptus are fast growing trees

Eucalyptus trees have a very bad reputation in some countries, such as Spain, where they have been used for years as reforestation trees with catastrophic results. But I am among those who think that it is a mistake, and also a very serious one, to demonize a plant for the use (in this case, the abuse) that has been made of it in the past. Because? Because you can really benefit from any plant if you spend time knowing its basic characteristics and needs.

And that’s why we want to show you the most popular types of eucalyptusthe best known, we can therefore see that these are indeed plants which, properly used, can greatly beautify the gardens where they are planted.


eucalyptus camaldulensis

Red eucalyptus is one of the largest types of eucalyptus

Image – Wikimedia/Rexness

It is known as red eucalyptus and is a tree native to Australia. Reaches 20 meters in height, although on rare occasions it exceeds 50 meters. It is a plant that offers very good shade, but you have to be careful because its bark is brittle, which is why the branches sometimes come off. Along with E. globulus, it was one of the most widely used species in Spain for reforestation and the harvesting of its wood during the 20th century, with disastrous consequences for the native flora and fauna.

Cinated eucalyptus

There are several types of eucalyptus

Image – Wikimedia/Roberto Fidone

Known as medicinal eucalyptus, it is a tree native to Australia that reaches a height of 15 meters. Its leaves are bluish, pink or blue-gray, and are lance-shaped. It is an evergreen tree that looks great if planted in tropical and temperate gardens, as it is frost resistant down to -13 ºC.

lemon eucalyptus

Eucalyptus citriodora is a perennial tree

Image – Wikimedia/Roberto Fidone

It is known as aromatic eucalyptus or lemon-scented rubber tree because its leaves give off an aroma similar to that of lemon. He is from Australia, specifically Queensland, and can reach a height of 40 meters or more. Its bark is white with bluish tones and the foliage is green. Once established, it can withstand drought for short periods. It is frost resistant down to -6°C.

Eucalyptus deglupta

Rainbow eucalyptus is an ornamental tree

Image – Flickr/Olga Caprotti

It is one of the most beautiful. It is known as rainbow eucalyptus because its bark is multicolored. It reaches a height of about 50 meters, although it reaches 75 meters in its habitat. Unlike the vast majority of eucalypts, this species will be found in Papua New Guinea, not Australia. But it is also one of the most sensitive to cold; indeed, if the temperature drops below 10°C, it will need to be protected.

globe eucalyptus

Eucalyptus globulus is a large tree

Image – Wikimedia/Forest and Kim Starr

It is the common eucalyptus, also called white eucalyptus or blue eucalyptus. He is originally from Australia and Tasmania, and reaches an average height of about 30 meters, although specimens reaching up to 80 meters have been found. In Spain we have one 61 meters high in Lugo, more precisely in Viveiro. In fact, it is one of the types of eucalyptus that has been planted the most in our country, either to reforest or to take advantage of the wood. It resists cold down to -5ºC.

Eucalyptus gunii

Eucalyptus gunnii is the blue eucalyptus

Gunn’s eucalyptus, also known as cider eucalyptus or Gunnii, is an endemic tree from Tasmania that reaches a height between 10 and 25 meters, making it one of the smallest species. The leaves are bluish green, and out of curiosity you should know that they can be used as food for livestock.

eucalyptus nitens

Eucalyptus nitens is tall

Image – Wikimedia/Greg Willis

Known as the glowing eucalyptus, it is a tree native to Australia, where reaches a height of 60 meters. The bark is gray to greyish brown and the leaves are glaucous. It is one of the most important trees in the country’s forests. It is frost resistant down to -10°C.

Eucalyptus polyanthemos

Eucalyptus polyanthemos is a fast growing tree

Image – Wikimedia/Donald Hobern

The Eucalyptus polyanthemos It is a fast growing tree native to Australia. grows up to 24 meters tall. Its leaves are grayish green and can be rounded or elongated. It is a fast-growing tree that resists cold and frost down to -7°C.

eucalyptus radiata

There are several types of eucalyptus

Image – Wikimedia/HelloMojo

Known as the narrow-leaved mint, it is a tree native to Australia that reaches a height of 30 to 50 meters. Its leaves are green and lanceolate when the plant is mature, and the bark is green to brownish green. It tolerates cold and frost very well, being able to withstand temperatures down to -12ºC.

eucalyptus regnans

The giant rubber tree is 90 meters high

Image – Flickr/Nathan Johnson

Last on the list is the giant eucalyptus or giant rubber tree. It grows in Australia and Tasmania, and reaches 90 meters high. The bark is greyish and its leaves are green to greyish green. It is a tree that grows very quickly, as it is very adaptable and resists frost down to -12ºC.

Which of these types of eucalyptus did you like the most?

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