11 Best Plants to Grow With Strawberries

What are the best plants to grow with strawberries? Strawberries are very productive plants and planting them together not only improves appearance but also improves yield.

A strawberry plant always looks attractive on a farm, and gardeners are always looking for ways to incorporate strawberries into the ornamental or edible landscape. There are many plants that go well with strawberries.

What are companion plants? Companion planting is a beneficial form of gardening that offers many benefits, it refers to planting different crops together to improve nutrient uptake, encourage pollination, provide pest control and increase crop production.

Given the number of problems a strawberry plant faces, you probably want a companion plant that will help attract pollinating insects, enrich the soil, repel pests, and in turn, benefit the strawberry’s ability to cover the ground. .


11 Best Plants to Grow With Strawberries

What plants are good companion plants for strawberries? Companion planting is a wonderful gardening strategy to improve fertility, protect against pests, and promote pollination for optimal growth. Strawberries have been a classic favorite of many for years, but given how many problems they often face, here are 11 companion plants to help them thrive.

1. Wild Beans 1. Tomatoes
2. borage 2. Okra
3. Asparagus 3. Cauliflower
4. Onions and garlic 4. Eggplant
5. Sage 5. Brassicaceae
6. Worries 6. Kohlrabi
7. lettuce and spinach 7. Fennel
8. Caraway
9. Thyme
10. Chives
11. Spinach

1. Wild Beans

Bush beans are one of the most nutritious foods for you and are also a great companion plant with strawberries

Bush beans work well to repel garden beetles and other insects that may feed on strawberry plants. It has a nutty flavor that many love and you planted it with your favorite strawberries which can attract nitrogen fixing bacteria in the soil.

It is a common bean known as benefactor of strawberries. It should be planted a little later in the spring than strawberries, but you may want to wait until the soil warms to around 60 degrees F before planting beans.

2. borage

One of the best herbs to accompany strawberries is borage, an herb used for culinary purposes. There are many benefits to making it a companion plant to strawberries and it is one of the most widely accepted companion plants for its perceived benefits.

Other plants that grow with borage are tomatoes, paper, squash, cabbage, and strawberries. Borage attracts pollinators and repels pests that can harm strawberries.

3. Asparagus

asparagusImage: Envato Elements

There’s no reason not to plant asparagus and strawberries together. It makes sense to plant them together just after the last frost because they make excellent companions and will last a lifetime.

Asparagus and strawberries don’t root to the same depth so they don’t affect soil nutrients and these two plants together reduce weeds but feed gas as it breaks down.

4. Onions and garlic

The pungent smell of onions and garlic wards off pests and stimulates the growth of strawberries. Onions and other allium families are the best companion plants on the list for strawberries, as they discourage marauders from feeding on their juicy berries.

5. Sage

How to make a pallet garden?Image: Envato Elements

Sages are known to bring out the juicy flavor of strawberries and growing them together is a good idea as they care well together. Sage is an excellent herb to accompany strawberries and other medicinal plants. Think mint, dill, fennel and coriander, they help repel snails and other pests.

6. Worries

Strawberries and marigolds make a wonderful team as companion plants and it’s exciting to see beautiful marigold flowers as you watch the strawberries ripen.

The smell of marigolds deters pests that damage strawberries and French marigolds are also believed to repel roots known as nematodes that would damage the roots of strawberry plants.

7. lettuce and spinach

Gardeners believe that intercropping lettuce and spinach with strawberries improves the productivity of all three plants, and gardeners love growing strawberry lettuce. Lettuce and spinach as green leafy vegetables improve the quality of strawberries and also protect the tasty fruit from the eyes of birds by hiding it.

8. Caraway

Strawberries are susceptible to attack by many pests, so caraway will make an excellent companion plant. It is an excellent herb that benefits strawberries by attracting wasps and flies. Caraway cannibalizes insects that often nibble on strawberries.

9. Thyme

Thyme is an indispensable herb in your garden. It has many food, medicinal and ornamental uses, it goes very well with strawberries. Syrphid flies are attracted to them, worms stay away.

The best companion plants for strawberries.

10. Chives

Chives are often grown for leaf tips and make an excellent mulch. Chives are an excellent companion for strawberries. The pungent smell discourages pests and thus helps the strawberries to grow. It is one of the best companion plants of the strawberry plant.

11. rhubarb

Rabard is another excellent companion plant that you should grow with your strawberry. Both are perennials, which means they grow at the same time of year and also offer many health benefits.

What not to plant next to strawberries

Although many plants can benefit strawberries if planted close together, there are some plants that should not be planted close together. Planting together is a gardening strategy that offers many benefits, but it is also plants that harm each other instead of providing benefits. Strawberries respond very well to nearby plants, but there are plants here that you cannot plant next to them.

1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes and strawberries don’t make good companion plants and shouldn’t even be planted in beds that have recently supported tomatoes. If possible, plant tomatoes as far apart as possible in the same garden. The greater the distance between them, the less chance there is of accidental cross-contamination if one of the plants becomes ill.

2. Okra

Another interesting plant that you should not plant near your strawberry plant is okra. Strawberries are susceptible to a disease called verticillium, and okra can even contribute to this deadly disease in strawberries.

3. Cauliflower

Strawberries should not be grown on cauliflower or other types of cabbage as this can affect the growth of the cauliflower. Strawberries are harmful if planted next to cauliflower, as the strawberry plant is known to attract snails.

4. Eggplant

Eggplants are destructive neighbors of strawberries and therefore should not be planted together.

Here are some other plants that should not be planted near strawberries:

  • melons
  • Pepper
  • roses
  • currency.

Please note that strawberries should not be planted in beds that have recently supported any of the plants listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do tomatoes and strawberries grow well together?

No, tomatoes and strawberries do not grow well together and are not companion plants and that is because tomatoes can contribute to the fatal strawberry disease. Strawberries and tomatoes have companion plants that can help them grow, but they should be separated.

Are eggshells good for strawberries?

Yes, eggshells are good for strawberries. Strawberry plants will grow well with the extra natural potassium you get from using brinjal. As eggplants decompose, they naturally enrich the soil, providing a slow, steady source of calcium for strawberries while preventing blossom end rot.

Can I cut and plant strawberry shoots?

Yes, you can cut and plant strawberry sprouts, as the sprouts have provided adequate root growth. Use only healthy shoots from vigorous, disease-free strawberry plants and basically anytime between spring and fall is fine.

Should I cover my strawberries?

Yes, a strawberry plant can be mulched when completely dormant, but the trick is knowing when to mulch and if mulching is too soon.the plants cannot harden off, causing them to be damaged by the cold air.

Do strawberries come back every year?

One of the benefits of planting strawberries is that they don’t die every year. They are perennial, almost any planting area is suitable for growing strawberries.

How far apart are strawberries planted?

The best spacing for strawberry plants is 8 to 12 inches apart. If they are too close to each other, diseases can easily spread between them.

Are coffee grounds good for strawberries?

Coffee grounds are a good source of nitrogen for strawberries and are therefore good for them. Coffee grounds can help improve plant acidity, making it suitable for strawberry plants that prefer slightly acidic soil to help them grow.

Do raspberries and strawberries grow well together?

Raspberries and strawberries can be grown together, but be sure to plant them so they don’t interfere with each other.

Do strawberries grow well in raised beds?

Yes, strawberries grow well in raised beds and this is ideal for them. Strawberries are perennials and need rich soil with plenty of organic matter. A raised bed is therefore an ideal place for them.

What plants should not grow with strawberries?

Here are some other plants that should not be planted near strawberries: Melons Pepper Roses Mint.

Strawberry Companion Plant Chart


Strawberries can also serve as companion plants for other plants, in fact, many knowledgeable gardeners plant them as a ground cover to control weeds around plants like horseradish, rhubarb and asparagus.

Companion planting helps ensure that plants that get along are planted together and is an ideal gardening method for all plants, as most plants are vulnerable to a wide variety of pests.

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