artichokes in oil

There is nothing better, for those who cultivate a garden, than to be able to prepare tasty homemade jams with their own hands to preserve the flavor, taste and goodness of their harvest over time.

One of the traditional preserves is artichokes in oil : easy to prepare, with a few tips to ensure safe preparation and storage, you will have a delicious accompaniment to your meat or fish main courses for the colder months.

The recipe for artichokes in oil can be made from artichoke hearts, which are cut into quarters, but also by enhancing the small artichokes. The artichoke, which is not very large, is unfairly considered by many growers as a second choice product: the main stem of the plant produces large artichokes, which are the most valuable, while on the secondary branches we finds small artichokes, often treated as waste. Indeed, these secondary fruits can be transformed into excellent vegetables in jars: due to their small size they are ideal for conservation and for this reason they are excellent for making oil in oil as explained below.

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