baked pumpkin

Cooking a beautiful yellow squash in the oven is one of the easiest and tastiest recipes you can make with this vegetable. Pumpkin is a sweet and delicate vegetable, given its size, it is useful to create many different recipes and variations that allow it to be eaten in different ways. Luckily, it offers plenty of tasty possibilities in the kitchen, from butternut squash risotto to a lovely orange purée.

Of the various side dishes, baked pumpkin is interesting: gets ready in no time And allows also eat the shell Pumpkin If you have a garden where you grow organic pumpkins, this quick recipe is definitely for you!

To enrich baked pumpkin Gratin simply season it with a mixture of herbs to taste, salt, pepper and an excellent extra virgin olive oil: prepare it in abundance and, if there is any left, keep it in the refrigerator for the the following day.

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