Buying Guide for a Quality Folding Sun Lounger

folding deck chair

Whether it’s summer or winter, spring or fall, when the sun is up, more than one would pay to have a folding deck chair to lie on while sunbathing. It’s a source of vitamin B12 (which, in case you didn’t know, is hard to find in enough food), and it also puts you in a good mood.

So how about we help you buy one that you can use all the time? Do you know which are the best on the market? And how much should you invest in a quality product? Here we answer all these questions.


Top 1. The Best Folding Sun Lounger


  • Made of braided resin wicker.
  • 98% recycled material.
  • The height is adjustable.

the inconvenients

  • It has no cushion (can be uncomfortable).
  • Complicated to fold and transport.
  • If the sun hits it, it can burn when you lie on it.

Selection of folding lounge chairs

Check out other folding sun loungers that can meet your needs and fit your budget.

VOUNOT multi-position folding lounge chair

This lounge chair is ideal for outdoor use, resistant and durable. It has an adjustable and removable headrest as well as a cup holder and armrests. It can be adjusted with an inclination of 90 to 127 degrees and its maximum load is 120 kilos.

Aktive Garden Acacia Wood Folding Sun Lounger

It is a folding wooden lounge chair, but it does not allow you to recline in more than three positions. It has a cream-coloured polyester seat and a resistant fabric.

blumfeldt Modena garden lounger

Made of powder coated metal. It does not rust or wear out. It is adjustable in 7 positions and has armrests to make it even more comfortable.

VOUNOT Set of 2 Folding Sun Loungers

Do not be fooled by its price because it is a pack of 2 deckchairs. They are made of plastic and are lightweight, in addition to having fabric handles to carry them.

They can be adjusted to 3 positions and have a canopy to keep the sun from hitting your face. They can support up to 110 kilos.

KingCamp XXL 4-Position Padded Lounger

With a load capacity of 150 kilos, this folding sun lounger has a longer and wider waist for more comfort. Moreover, it comes with padding that allows you to be much better in it (spend more time).

Folding sun lounger buying guide

It’s time to buy a folding sun lounger! But it’s not worth going for and grabbing the first one you like. There are factors that determine a smart purchase. Which? We tell you below.


The color is not really a very determining factor. But you shouldn’t leave it free will either, because when you put it in the garden or on your terrace, it’s normal that you don’t want it to collide.

For example, if this space is decorated in a marine style, putting a foldable plaid lounge chair usually does not fit. Therefore, although it is not important a priori, it must be taken into account if you do not want it to spoil the decoration of this space.


In general, folding sun loungers are made of different materials, such as fabric, canvas, mesh. wood, metal, aluminum, iron… Depending on aspects such as how much weight it will support, what you want it to weigh, and how easy it is to fold or not, you can choose between one material or another.

In fact, the price influences this a lot.


As for the size, it is important that it adapts to the space you have available, as well as to your needs and tastes. You may want a lounger that is fairly wide and long, or narrower and shorter.

Of course, we recommend that if you are going to put it outside, you choose one that is water and sun resistant.


The price is decisive in practically all purchases. And it will depend on the above factors.

A basic folding lounger, whether fabric or canvas, is easily between $20 and $50 (although many are sold as chairs instead). One in mesh or with armrests, footrests, etc. It already rises between 50 and 100 euros.

And those with more elegant finishes, in wood, or resistant to water and the sun, cost between 100 and 300 euros.

Or buy?

buy a folding deck chair

Finally, once you know all the factors that will most determine your purchase, the next step, and the last, is to decide where to buy it.

In this case we wanted to see some of the most searched stores on the internet and this is what we found.


Amazon is one of the first stores to buy a folding sun lounger. And the truth is that its catalog is extensive. But not as much as with the other categories.

You are going to have many designs and models that cannot be seen in other stores, and that is its main advantage, buying something that you cannot find elsewhere. Of course, be careful with the price because sometimes it can be too expensive.

Brico Depot

In the hammocks and deckchairs section of Bricodepot you will find 189 products to date. However, chairs, deckchairs, swings are mixed… The problem is that you can only filter them by price.

So if you do a normal search, it’s much faster (because it only leaves you at 47 articles).


At Carrefour, something similar is happening to Amazon. And it is that you will not only be able to buy products sold by the supermarket, but they are also advertised by third-party sellers. You will therefore find a fairly wide catalog with very different prices from each other.

You will need to arm yourself with a little patience to find the one you are looking for. But we recommend that you read the reviews (if you have any) and check whether the price includes shipping or not.


At Decathlon they have an exclusive section for lounge chairs and hanging hammocks. They sell them all year round and their prices aren’t bad at all (they’re in line with what they can cost you).

By being able to filter by product, you will be able to select only deckchairs and you will have all 45 items (at the time of doing this search). Then you can sort by price and you’ll see which ones fit your budget. Of course, most of them (if not all) are sold by third-party sellers.


At Ikea we know there is a specific section with hammocks and garden loungers, but when we went to look we realized they had no items in it. Still, we used the search engine to see if we had had better luck, but only got mats for the lounge chairs.

This makes us think that they are not for sale until spring or summer.


Lidl is the last option, but the truth is that many prefer to buy here at the cheapest price. Now there’s the issue that they only have one or two models, and that has a lot to do with it if you want variety.

Also, these are temporary offers that only come for a few days (at least in physical stores), so if you want to see it before, you have to be aware of the offers (and deckchairs usually always come for the summer , not at other times of the year). Of course, maybe online you have better luck.

Do you already know which folding sun lounger you are going to buy?

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