earth ridges in the orchard

Surely you have already seen earth ridges in some farmland. It is something very common to see, especially in crops that require large areas and are usually done with tractors and machinery.


The ridge is the small mountain or elevation that remains after the plow, that is, what remains between the furrows of the ground.

The mounds are usually made today with tractors or manual machines like the rototiller, although traditional market gardeners and those who produce only for themselves generally do it with a hoe and a stick.

One trick to making straight ridges, whether with a hoe or a tiller, is to place a tight rope across the orchard and follow the line.plant potatoes on mounds


Planting potatoes in ridges

For plant potatoes in the ridges, we prepare the ground with a good background subscriber, a good amount of cow or sheep manure, compost or any other fertilizer we have. In this way, we will ensure that nutrients are abundant in this crop.

Planting is done by cutting the sprouted potatoes into two or three pieces, leaving several sprouts in each of the pieces.

orchard ridges

The chunks can be made a few days before, so the potato will heal, although I make it the same day and it works perfectly. The most important thing is that the shoots are sufficiently developed.

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The depth should be about 20 centimeters, and the distance between each piece of potato we grow is about 25-30 centimeters. Here’s a video of how we did it, in this case using a tiller, but it can be done perfectly well with a hoe:

Terraces or ridge orchard?

Why do I prefer terraces to the striped garden? As I explained in the video that I leave below on the reasons why I opted for the cultivation in terraces instead of making the garden on mounds of earth, it is that for the type of garden that m If you are interested, for self-consumption production, this system is more practical. With the exception of potatoes and a few other crops that require large areas, I prefer to do it on the terrace. Also, I don’t need machines or tractors, because with a few garden tools I have enough.

The main reasons are the comfort work in the garden. Terraces allow a certain height, which is not the case with ridges. And the back appreciates.

The height of the terraces also makes it easier to cannabis control, or rather weeds, which can become a real headache. In addition, the height helps to insect control. By having it at an average height, we can better see the pests and prevent their spread.

It is much more efficient to concentrate and use the subscriberand how to get land looser and better drained. It’s easier to get better structured soils and we have a better resource utilization precious like water and the sun.

An additional advantage is that the beds are very easy to adapt to the mobile chicken coop Where homemade chicken coop, as we have seen many times on the blog and in the videos. We have recently developed a lighter and more suitable model for fertilizing and improving terraces between one plantation and another:

I hope you have understood what the mounds of earth in the orchard are and that you have understood the reason why I preferred, knowing both routes and having practiced both methods, to opt for the terraces for La Huertina.

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