Chives: sowing and growing

L $0027Chives it is an aromatic plant that is very easy to grow, does not take up much space and is a perennial crop, so it should not be sown every year.

The tube-shaped leaves have characteristic onion flavor of which the plant is a close relative, an aroma that can be very useful in the kitchen to flavor various recipes and flavor cheeses or salads.

In short, I can only recommend planting chives in a corner of each organic garden or keep this aromatic in pots on balconies or windowsills, always at hand when cooking.

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spring onion

L $0027Chives ( scientific name Allium schoenoprasum ) is a perennial plant of the Liliaceae family, it forms thick bushes that reach about 25 cm in height. The root bulbous, while the leaves they are long and thin, tubular in shape and are the most obvious part of the bush. Flowers They appear between late spring and early summer and are very decorative pink spheres.

It is a hardy and undemanding plant, its culture is perennial : the leaves dry up during the winter but emerge in the spring from the roots that remained during the vegetative rest. Due to the smell of the leaves, it is an aromatic herb in its own right, although it does not belong to the family of most of them.

garden chives

chive spreads in two ways : head division or planting. The first possibility is undoubtedly the simplest, but it supposes having an already existing factory to explain in whole or in part. Of course, there is also the possibility of buying a chive plant from a nursery.

Division of the strands. The easiest way to propagate chives is to split the heads, which is done in autumn or late winter , taking advantage of the vegetative rest of the plant. The roots of this aromatic are grouped in bulbs, it is easy to tear a plant from the ground and get several small tufts for transplanting.

royal seeding . To start growing chives, you can also start with the seed you plant in the nursery in the spring then transplanted to the garden. When transplanting, it is important to water abundantly. The plants are 20-25cm away .

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