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Rover Pro Cut 560 lawn mower, solid equipment for intensive use

Rover is an Australian manufacturer of lawn mowers with over 60 years of experience and renowned for their safe and efficient equipment.

The standalone Rover Pro Cut 560 has a cool design. The reinforced alloy platform has a high arch and anti-rust coating. In this Rover lawn mower review, we tackle the often confusing engine problem. Interestingly, some models are powered by a 910 OHV engine, others by a Kohler XT 8.0 power unit, and some may even have a Briggs & Stratton engine. It probably depends on how old your model is or where you bought it.

Regardless of engine type, the mower features 8″ front wheels and 9″ rear drive wheels, making navigation easy. For working in dusty and dirty conditions, the 560 has an efficient air filter system that extends to a snorkel. Since the gearbox and clutch system are above the mower, Rover had the option of installing a large rear unloader in the rear. This allows the equipment to fill the collector more efficiently, making it less likely to clog, even when the grass is tall and wet. The 560 has four blades at the rear, making it suitable for use on larger job sites and possibly even suitable for professionals.

The weight of the lawn mower is definitely a major drawback. Weighing in at 100 pounds, this Rover lawn mower is a little too heavy for a plastic design, even considering its sturdiness. Also, if you’re buying one with a Chinese-made Kohler engine, you should probably take it easy. These engines would not be as durable as the 910 OHV or Briggs & Stratton.


  • Good maneuverability despite its weight.
  • Solid and robust design
  • big knives
  • Mulching and catching functions
  • Full-size rear collector
  • good wheels
  • Reinforced handles for added protection.

the inconvenients

  • High performance variability due to different motors

The Rover Pro Cut 560 is a great option for dedicated owners looking for a professional push mower, but be sure to choose a model with the engine you want before buying.

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