Cultivation of peas. Complete guide to growing in the garden

This article is intended to be a complete guide to the grow peas in our garden. Through a series of videos we are going to know step by step what we must do to grow this delicious food.

pea crop

We will see how to grow peas or peas, this is how this plant is also called in other regions, in a simple, visual and suitable way for anyone who is just starting out: from planting from seed to harvesting and the harvest of its fruits, in addition to seeing how we can obtain our own seeds and close the process.

Because after all, having your own food it shouldn’t be very difficult. Each video shows a step to follow and if you want to go deeper, there will always be a link to a more specific article on this subject.



For sow peas In our orchards, there are two special times to do this. One is in mid-autumn, when we begin to remove summer crops, and the other, depending on the nature of the winters, in late winter or early spring. If the winters are very harsh, we will wait. The support culture in this case it is important. I usually associate it with beanswho are also very similar cultures in terms of time and care.

Organic Legume Seeds - Medium Enrame Pea...

Organic Legume Seeds – Medium Enrame Pea…

  • Very popular high production variety for the fresh market. Vigorous and productive plant about 70 cm high. Produces pods 10-12 cm long with 8-10 seeds/pod of large size and dark green color. wrinkled seed
  • Maturation cycle of approximately 75 days. Primarily suitable for the fresh market. Cultivation method: They are sown from September to March depending on the area
  • By drip in rows 50-60 cm apart and knocking 2-3 seeds to a depth of 3-4 cm, 30-40 cm between puffs and 50-60 cm between rows. Harvest: 3 to 5 months after sowing, depending on the area


Although peas are a crop that tolerates low temperatures fairly well, we can protect the peas from possible frost or steep descents, so that these little plants which have just been born and which make a hole in our terrace or our orchard do not spoil us. Especially when our little plants have just been born.


At the end of winter and at the beginning of spring, the peas begin to have a considerable size, between 30 and 40 cm in height. It’s time to start preparing a tutor for stake peas and that they grow and develop perfectly.

There are many ways. I normally do this with a construction mesh, but it can also be done with the pyramid or tepee method let me show you another time.

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Verdemax trellis roll for climbing plants, 2 x 10 m…

  • Ideal for climbing plants, such as beans, peas, tomatoes and flowers.
  • Made of PP and treated with anti-UV agents.
  • Mesh wire size: 20 x 20 mm.
  • Available individually with this innovative pack.
  • Dimensions: 10m (length) x 2m (width).


If there’s anything special about growing peas, it’s that it’s perfect for someone just starting out in the garden. He has hardly any difficulties for his cultivation and neither plagues nor pea diseases very remarkable. If we have to underline any.

I would say in terms of pests they usually have issues with aphids in the spring, especially if our soil has an excess of nitrogen, but we can combat them with the garlic infusion or even the preparation of a ladybug house be eaten or buy live ladybugs.

how to grow peas

And with regard to the diseases, we could point out that if a very rainy spring comes, they can have fungal problems, for which we can fight them with nettle porridge Where horsetail porridge.

VERMIORGANIC Organic nettle porridge, 1L.  Insecticide,...

VERMIORGANIC Organic nettle porridge, 1L. Insecticide,…

  • With regular application, it improves soil structure and water holding capacity.
  • Better root development
  • Pest reduction
  • It facilitates the propagation and maintenance of the microorganisms necessary for a healthy soil.


I am often asked when are the peas picked. Well, if everything went well, we’ll start harvesting them 3 or 4 months after sowing. An important thing when you start growing peas is to know that if you start sowing in the spring, they will bear fruit sooner.

how to grow peas

The good thing about peas is that we can harvest them in stages and the production will last us a few weeks. It is ideal that the harvest is done at its most optimal time, to enjoy more of its flavor and texture. That is, they do not go too far, lose taste, and in addition they become hard.


The end of the pea harvest has arrived. That is why it is important and interesting to save the seeds of our crops for the next season. For the peas, you have to select the best pods and let them complete the whole cycle, as I tell you in the following video.

pea harvest

In addition to getting the pea seedsit is important that we keep them in an airtight glass jar so that the weevils do not attack us and that we have a surprise when we want to grow peas the following season.

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pea crop

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