Small greenhouse. How to make or which one to buy a mini

A small greenhouse can be useful if you don’t have large areas or the resources to install a large one. We have already seen recently how to make a house greenhouse larger dimensions or we even explained the pros and cons of a polycarbonate greenhouse in the garden.

mini greenhouse

Therefore, today we will see how to make a small greenhouse and which models are suitable, both to buy and to make them.


How to make a small greenhouse or a mini greenhouse

There are many ways to make a small greenhouse. So unlike other articles or tutorials that we have published, explaining how to do them step by step, we are going to be more general. The idea is to show different alternatives that we have when it comes to building a mini greenhouse, and see which one may be the best fit for the space or needs. Also, as the dimensions are those of a chest of drawers or a small piece of furniture, they can be made with new or recycled materials, which makes them even more interesting.

Small greenhouse with recycled doors and windows

A very simple way to create a small greenhouse is to use recycled doors and windows. They are easy to obtain in an old building or a house under renovation, and the results can be very attractive:

build a small greenhouse

The only thing we will do is join the different parts with brackets and one of them, the one that will act as the door, we will hang it with hinges, although only on one side.

Convert the table into a mini greenhouse

This small greenhouse made with a table can be more practical perhaps as a nursery. But in any case, it’s a very original way to recover an old table, or its legs attached to a drawer and give it a new and precious life:

small glass greenhouse

Covered mini bed

This example is very interesting. It is a rectangular structure with an angled acrylic top. It doesn’t have many complications. It can take full advantage of sunlight and internal heat for several hours a day.

buy a small greenhouse small greenhouse

Little house with cover

This model of a small greenhouse in the form of a house is very simple to make, although in this case all the materials are purchased. These are wooden slats and polycarbonate plates. These plates could even be replaced by plastic, which is more accessible, and obtain a much cheaper, although less durable, mini-greenhouse.

how to make a mini greenhouse decorative mini greenhouse

Buy a small greenhouse

If what we are looking for is to buy a small greenhouse, we also have different options, many of which are quite accessible.

This model is a small horizontal greenhouse with zipped windows and a UV resistant cover:

Outsunny Garden Greenhouse Terrace Nursery for Orchard...

Outsunny Garden Greenhouse Terrace Nursery for Orchard…

  • SMALL HORIZONTAL GREENHOUSE: Perfect for taking care of your garden plants, whether they are planted directly in the ground or in pots. A perfect way to extend the growing season of your plants and protect them from cold and birds. So that neither the seasons nor the weather interfere with your crops
  • ZIPPERED WINDOWS: Features roll-up zipper accesses that can be opened for easy access inside for proper plant management and ventilation
  • EXTRA LONG COVER: The UV-resistant PE cover allows you to maintain a good indoor climate, humidity and the incidence of sunlight necessary for the vital functions of your plants. Features extended edges to burrow firmly into the ground for added stability and protection.
  • STRONG STRUCTURE: With a powder coated steel frame for greater resistance to weather and corrosion. The cover is made of PE with reinforcement grid
  • TOTAL MEASUREMENTS: 180x90x90 cm (LxWxH). Assembly required. NOTE: Not suitable for use in adverse weather conditions

type of shelf

I found this model very interesting, which is a small greenhouse in the form of a shelf, where, in addition to protecting our plants, we can store the garden tools small or even homemade fertilizer or fertilizer, to use.

Bramble - Small Greenhouse with 3 Levels - Plastic for...

Bramble – Small Greenhouse with 3 Levels – Plastic for…

  • Details – Our 3 tier greenhouse includes 1 white cover, zipper, 3 pieces of wire mesh and connectors. Its light weight makes it easy to move around the garden, while its compact size allows it to work well in even the smallest of garden spaces.
  • Various Uses – The greenhouse is ideal for growing seeds, tomatoes, cucumbers, seed tray cuttings and more. Its 3 adjustable shelves accommodate a variety of plant sizes, while the included cover provides ample shelter from the elements, ensuring good protection in winter.
  • Superior Quality – Made from quality PE materials, our greenhouse is sturdy, safe and easy to assemble. For added security, it can be tied at the sides, allowing it to withstand the strongest winds and rain. It comes with box.
  • Easy to Assemble – Our 3 tier greenhouse is simple and quick to assemble, with dimensions of 69 x 49 x 125cm it is the perfect size to hold your seeds, plants and vegetables.
  • Refund – We offer 100% guarantee on our products. Please contact us if you have any issues and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Mini or adaptable bed

This design is also very appropriate. It looks like the covered mini bed we saw earlier but with the clear, polycarbonate side walls and hinged lid. Being transparent, it could also be placed above a terrace and take advantage of its structure.

Outsunny natural wood and polycarbonate greenhouse...

Outsunny natural wood and polycarbonate greenhouse…

  • STABLE AND RESISTANT GREENHOUSE: With a wooden structure and polycarbonate panels, this greenhouse offers a stable and secure space, ideal for protecting your plants from bad weather
  • OPENING ROOF: This mini greenhouse has a lid that opens to facilitate access to the interior and improve ventilation. Its inclined shape prevents the accumulation of water when it rains
  • Polycarbonate panels: Clear polycarbonate panels help your plants fully absorb sunlight and protect them from wind and rain. while extending the growing season and providing an ideal temperature for your plants
  • MAXIMUM PROTECTION: this greenhouse will protect your plants by helping to prevent birds, squirrels and other small animals from digging up and eating all the bulbs and buds
  • TOTAL MEASUREMENTS: 90x46x28 cm (LxWxH); Internal dimensions: 86×42 cm (LxW)

Expensive but solid

If you can afford it, since it is a little more expensive, this small aluminum and polycarbonate greenhouse can be an excellent option, mainly for placing small pots before transplanting them to the vegetable garden at the end of winter or in the early spring.

To offer

Outsunny Aluminum Outdoor Garden Greenhouse...

Outsunny Aluminum Outdoor Garden Greenhouse…

  • SUPPORTS PLANT GROWTH: Clear polycarbonate panels allow maximum light transmission while retaining heat for early seed germination or late season plant protection.
  • ADJUSTABLE ROOF: The 2 adjustable roof openings provide good ventilation, direct sun exposure if needed and easy access to your plants.
  • Durable: Aluminum alloy frame and rust resistant hardware help prevent corrosion from affecting all components of your cold frame greenhouse for long lasting use.
  • MAXIMUM PROTECTION: This greenhouse will protect your plants by helping to prevent birds, squirrels and other small animals from digging up and eating all the bulbs and buds.
  • LARGE SPACE: Provides plenty of space for plant preparation and growth. Keep them safe and sound indoors until they harden off enough to plant outdoors. TOTAL MEASUREMENTS: 180 x 51 x 51 cm (LxWxH); Eave height: 39 cm.

Here are some ideas for anyone considering placing a mini greenhouse in the patio, garden or orchard.

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