Flower arrangement – Tips for my garden


Offer a floral arrangement

Flowers have always been considered one of the most popular gifts, also because by using their language it is possible to say much more than with words. They are the most chosen gift for lovers and are the symbol of many holidays. For example, the mimosa is associated with Women’s Day, so floral arrangements given to a woman in March cannot fail to contain at least one branch of mimosa. Depending on the season, it is possible to create always different, original and fragrant compositions, taking advantage of the typical flowers of the time: for example a composition of mimosas, it could contain tulips and buttercups in yellow and peach pink tones and white . A composition of wild flowers and mimosas can serve as a centerpiece for a spring lunch,

Floral arrangement for a wedding.

Offering bouquets of flowers or compositions of all kinds to a bride is a tradition. Depending on the season, a flower arrangement to give to a bride can be made up of rosebuds associated with beautiful orchids in spring, or for a more original gift, you can think of a rustic arrangement that includes wild flowers, ideal in summer. : gerberas, anemones and mauves, or roses and lavender, orange blossoms are essential, for a very fragrant and auspicious bouquet. In winter, you can orient yourself to bluebells, hawthorns and camellias, with a very elegant and sophisticated effect. The meaning of the flowers chosen for the composition to be given is also important: classic orange flowers, for example, symbolize purity and fertility, peach blossoms, immortal love,

How to make a DIY flower arrangement

Flower arrangements do not have to be made by professionals, it is possible to create a beautiful and original composition yourself, focusing everything on personal taste and paying attention to a few simple rules. The first thing is, of course, the choice of flowers, which must take into account the season and the event, or recurrence, for which the composition is intended but also the person who receives the gift: wedding, birthday, bride and groom. The color of the flowers does not have to be monochromatic, but it is not advisable to create too strong contrasts: flowers of the same type can have different colors, or different flowers have the same shades. For example, a beautiful composition of sunny gerberas can bet on color by combining red, yellow, pink and white flowers.

If you want to give a gift that lasts over time, you can also use artificial flower arrangements, very often almost identical to the real ones. This type of composition is also widely used to decorate private homes, creating very beautiful and suggestive flowery corners. Artificial flower arrangements can decorate both bedrooms and living rooms, but you can also have an artificial flower arrangement, perhaps more rustic, in the kitchen, which also includes ears of wheat, lavender and flowers. poppies. Small cascading potted plants such as ivy create appropriate green nooks for any room, while a fairly low color scheme can be used as a centerpiece. Finally, you can choose to use a beautiful ceramic or terracotta vase but also a support that disappears into the

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