How To Germinate A Walnut At Home Step By Step

If there is something that I really like apart from growing my food is to experiment with seeds, fruits or fruits bought in supermarkets or that come to my hands, so I share with you the method I have used something different from the common to germinate our own nuts and have a walnut tree at home, which we can then transplant to the garden or even to reforest, why not?

For me although this is not always the most correct way to have a tree, if it is the most exciting and beautiful, to see our own seed germinate, it is also ideal to do it with the little ones in the house as well as the other experiments we have been doing in the garden as the rest of 6 fruit trees that we can germinate at home. (little by little we will be seeing more you can suggest it in comments) it is easy to sow a walnut.

Like all seeds need three things to germinate that we can provide us imitating a little nature, one of them is darkness that is not in full sun although this is not always necessary but advisable, the other is good temperatures or rather the ideal temperature of each seed to germinate some need more heat than others, but what they need all and more or less constantly is some moisture to start the germination process. So in the video I show you the step by step so that they germinate and above all the total success and that you see the walnut tree developing.

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