How much fuel does a tractor consume? – A PUZZLE

Other sources give an average consumption of 0.15 litres/hour for each cV of power of the tractor. It’s a tractor of 100 hp has an approximate consumption of 100 x 0.15 = 15 l/h.

How many types of disc plows are there? There are of them types of disc plows: the normal, which North Americans call standard, and the “vertical”, better known as “producer of discs” That is “plow harrow”.

How are the plows today? The plow today The plows that tractors pull break many furrows at the same time and are made of bars or discs, and their efficient work is supplemented by plows harrows that allow better preparation of the sowing land.

How many HP per plow disc? Plow of discs It consists of 3 to 4 discs 24″ or 26″ X 1/4” thick disk, with a working depth of disk from 15 to 25 cm. Power requirement for equipment from 80 to 100 hp engine.

What steel is that of plow discs? for the manufacture of discsbar it and swallow it steel Borodur, but for example for the manufacture of weapons a steel different with greater elasticity and power of recovery of the initial geometry due to the type of effort to which it is subjected.

What is the best plow? The plow The disc type is also useful for tillage, but unlike the mouldboard, the disc type is better in hard and rocky soils or soils with large remains of roots, because it works according to its weight.

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What are the disadvantages of disc plows?

These are the main disadvantages from plow:

  • Damage to the existing microflora in the soil is caused. …
  • Creation of the plowing crust. …
  • Increased number of tillage steps. …
  • Greater energy and economic consumption.

How long does it take to plow one hectare?

working speed I know is between 4 and 9 km/h, with which the pictured plow can plow about one hectare per hour. The force required depends on soil texture, soil moisture, working depth and speed.

What are the most common types of plows out there?

The plow It is a widely used agricultural tool in various soil conditions.

  • The plow is probably the tool or tool more old which is used in agriculture, also providing a long useful life to the farmer. …
  • three differ types: mouldboard, disc and rotary.

How long does it take a tractor to plow one hectare?

Barely a quarter of an hour was enough for the tractor complete the work of hectare (more precisely 14 minutes) thanks to an average working speed of 9.3 km/h.

How much HP does a portcullis need?

Consumption unit 36 ​​86 HP.

How much does an 18-disc harrow weigh?

Disc spacing

Number of discs

total cutting width 2.11 m (6.9 ft) 3.20 m (10.5 ft)
weight of dispatch 1,362.4 kg (3,003.6 lb) 1,832.8 kg (4,040.6 lbs)
lester for disk 75.7 kg (166.9 lbs) 65.5 kg (144.4 lbs)
hp at PTO – recommended 40 to 70 hp 65 to 100 hp

1 more row

How many HP are needed per planting line?

For greater work efficiency, I know requires tractors with powers between 120 and 160 hpfor planters up to 7 meters, and from 180 to 220 hpfor versions up to 14 meters.

How thick is a plow disc?

The description. -Model: Disk Ø49 to 51cm. -Material: base plow disc (Boron steel with its respective stamp on the disk). -Zuncho or Strip: 2.2mm sheet of thickness x 10cm high.

What is 5160?

5160 It is a very durable and strong forged alloy steel they are often used in the crafting of swords. In addition to its iron, it contains 0.64% carbon from steel0.9% chromium, 1% manganese, 0.35% silicon, with traces of phosphorus and sulfur.

How thick is a plow disc?

Weight 10 kg each Excellent….Product information.


Hight of disk 5cm
Total height 5cm
Size sheet metal 5mm

2 other rows

What are the differences between a disc plow and a moldboard plow?

The disc plowa difference Of the falldoes not cause any suction. Therefore, to achieve the desired soil depth, proper adjustment of the angle of attack of the disk and significant weight of the frame or structure of the plow (generally 150 to 500 Kg per disk).

What is the plow and how many types are there?

The plow It is one of the oldest tools used in agriculture, and it represented a great advance in favoring the loosening of the soil. Designed to open furrows in the earth and remove soil before planting, it began by being pulled by animals, a condition that lasted for centuries.

What are the results of good tillage?

How to turn the soil to sow?

Improved aeration and oxygenation Even though we have already mentioned it in other articles, turning the soil increases the number of macropores in the soil. These are responsible for storing gases, (What oxygen), which the roots of the plants need so that the problems do not appear.

When is the best time to plow the land?

What are the advantages of the plow?

The most suitable period, both for grazing and for crops, is generally between the months of November (the 1st tillage) and March and April (the 2nd tillage). Word work derives from the Latin laborāre, which had the generic meaning of working.

How much does a plow disc weigh?

plows of disk: with a power between 25 and 170 – 180 CV Their working widths vary from 60 cm to 2.10 m. All the discs they are equipped with discs 28″ with a minimum depth of 35 cm and their weight is between 197 and 2,275 kg.

How much does an hour of work with a tractor cost?

For tractor of 122 HP (90 kW), operating with an average load throughout the year, this consumption would be 13.5 L/h, which What equivalent to €10.13/h (€0.75/litre of diesel), and maintenance and repairs at €3.65/h, which What in total it reaches €13.77/h.

How much does it cost to plow land?

The price of clearing can vary between €0.25 and €5/m2, although the most common is that it costs between €0.90 and €3/m2.

How much diesel does a tractor spend per hectare?

Ingenio Central Progreso was the largest consumer with 196.3 l/ha, while the lowest was San Pedro with 36.9 l/ha. By comparing the average cane yield, the diesel consumes for Central Progreso was 3.4 l/t of cane, while San Pedro consumption was 0.62 l/t, or 18.2%.

What is heavy plow?

How many HP are needed per planting line?

The heavy plow is a technology in Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings that can be researched at the Windmill or Folwark (Polish only) starting in the Age of Castles.

What is harrow plow?

What is the harrow plow?

Nail flirt The disc harrow or disc harrow is an agricultural machine used to carry out a second tillage or sometimes also a first tillage.

What is the function of the disc plow?

Function principal • Primary tillage of the soil with turning of the soil to produce swelling and aeration. Incorporation of crop residues to a lesser degree than with plow The soil is pulverized under conditions similar to what a cylindrical moldboard does.

How much diesel does a tractor use per hour?

In the example provided, the tractor the D3K2 model will consume between 7.6 liters of fuel per hour up to a maximum of 15.5 liters depending on the type of application to which it is subjected.

How many hectares can a tractor work?

Professor-researcher in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UACH. of these artefacts, which ensure that the adequate power/area ratio is 1 hp ha–1, these tractors It has a potential coverage for agricultural work of about 80 ha.

What is the difference between a disc plow and a harrow?

What is the difference between a disc plow and a harrow?

Among the advantages of disc plow we note that the discs They are self-sharpening difference the plow grid and moldboard which periodically requires the dismantling and sharpening of the grids. Due to the rotation of the discsalso the wear is less than in the bars.

What is a reversible disc plow?

reversible plow: allows you to return for the next passage in the opposite direction since it turns and changes the side towards which you throw the earth (or make the furrow).

What is the difference between plow and harrow?

The flirt It is an agricultural instrument that consists of a kind of grid with spikes at the bottom that serves to level the land after plowing. harrow. The plow It is a tillage tool used in agriculture to open furrows and remove soil before sowing seeds.

What is the function of the disc plow?

The disk It is connected by four or five screws, which allows replacement in case of breakage or wear. about each disk a cleaner, or scraper, is placed, which is responsible for loosening the strip of earth that rises through the disk.

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