How to Buy a Folding Chair: Factors to Consider

Folding chair

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If you’re one of those people who likes everything tidy, the garden can be stressful, especially if you have a lot of furniture there. For that, How about a folding chair that you can put away when not in use so the space looks neat?

If you need this furniture for your garden but you are not sure that you have made a good purchase so far, maybe with these factors that we are going to explain to you, things will change. Do you take a look?


best folding chairs

The best brands of folding chairs

There are many folding chairs. Brands specializing in folding chairs are not so numerous. But We have selected some of them which we consider to be of good quality at a good price. That’s what we think of them.

Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics is Amazon’s white label and yes, we’ve included it because, in terms of folding chairs, the quality and price are just fine. Yes OK has a catalog with many other products, you can have quality chairs at very reasonable prices.


This brand offers products for the home, for leisure and, in what interests us, for the garden. Its catalog is quite extensive, so you will find not only garden products, but also home, pets, babies… Of course, as far as chairs are concerned, they will not have a great variety, but those they have are of adequate quality for the price being sold.


Aktive Garden is the full name of the brand we recommend. Not only can you find it on Amazon, but also available in many other stores: Orchard Planet, Leroy Merlin…

It specializes in products for the garden and terrace, where it offers not only chairs, but much more furniture and accessories.

Folding chair buying guide

Going to buy a folding chair is not an easy thing. You might think this is a piece of furniture that won’t cause you much trouble. But if you want one that will last you many years, that is comfortable, and that will withstand just about anything, you have to take your time and know the features of each model.

You can’t rely on price alone; there is more information to consider. Exactly, we recommend the following:

chair use

A folding chair for a person with back problems is not the same as for a small child. Nor is it a chair that is used for a few minutes to one that you have to sit on for hours.

Likewise, You can use a folding chair at a campsite, on a beach, at a party, at a family reunion…

And all this influences a lot, more if we take into account that we are talking about external events (whose bad weather can deteriorate the chair).


The material of the folding chair is essential. Imagine buying one that has a special cushion seat with beautiful feather fabric. You use it outdoors and perfect. But one day it’s raining, another it’s sunny… and in the end, in less than a month, the chair that was perfect before has become horrible.

The materials to be used for folding chairs must be resistant. If possible, the best are steel and aluminum. But you could also consider them in treated wood.

Design and styling

Another aspect to consider is the style of the chair. Although almost all of them are identical, they can change in shape, design, even in the seat. For your comfort, You should choose one that has a padded back and seats, even if it has better armrests. But make it completely collapsible.


Finally, we come to the price. And here everything else influences, as well as the brand of the chair, whether it has special characteristics, etc. But, in general, these are not too expensive products. For around 20 euros you can already find chairs in stores.

Now well, If you want a higher quality one, between 70 and 100 euros, they may not lower you.

Or buy?

Comfortable model with armrests

Source: Amazon

After considering the factors that most influence the purchase of a folding chair, besides the price, there is only one thing left for you to do: go out and buy one. But since we also want to help you with thatwe’ve researched the stores with the most searches for folding chairs and we’ve gone through them one by one to give you our take on what you’re going to find.


This is where there is the most variety, but be careful, because the search engine sometimes adds results that are not really what you are looking for. In this direction, You will need to select chairs that meet your requirements and are foldable.

As for the prices, it depends on the brand and if it is sold by Amazon or by a third party (because sometimes these have a higher price than if you search for it on Google or on the site).


At Ikea folding chairs have their own sectionAlthough you should keep in mind that these are chairs for indoors and outdoors. And the latter, if they are the use you want to give them, must be suitable for being outdoors in the event of bad weather.

Regarding the price, some are not expensive, but it would be necessary to see if they are for the exterior or the interior.


At Carrefour, you will have the choice between many products (according to the search engine, more than 8,000). The problem is that Not only folding chairs will appear, but also benches, stools, etc. which somewhat shortens the results you get.

Even so, it gives you plenty of options, although you have to see if the ones that win you over may be overseas or not.


Less quantity and more focused on the beach or camping are the results Decathlon gives you when looking for folding chairs. Their prices are a little high compared to other stores, but it is true that there are models that cannot be found on other sites.

Having a folding chair is always good. A neighbor who comes to see you and you’re all home, a special family event or a gathering of friends where you need chairs for them to sit on. Do you already opt for the most suitable for your home?

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