How to choose the best brushcutter

The brushcutter is a very useful tool to control the grass in the garden or in the adjacent areas, by cutting it. There are many very different models and technical characteristics for this type of tool, we try to give some useful advice to those who have to choose which brushcutter to buy.

First think about what you intend to do with this machine, identifying what it will be used for. In fact, the first choice must be made according to the power of the tool: it would be useless to buy an expensive and heavy brushcutter with a large cylinder capacity to cut the grass at the edge of a small garden.

When choosing, different technical characteristics must be taken into account, in addition to evaluating the quality of the machinery and the reliability of the manufacturer’s and distributor’s brand. It is also important not to underestimate the seriousness of the seller, who can then provide service and warranty.


Brush Cutter Uses

  • Cut the borders of a garden adjoining the house . In this case, the area to be mowed will be a small area, with short grass: this can also be done with a “dece” or a low-power electric shock.
  • To mow the lawn. For cutting medium-sized lawns or professional gardening, you need a medium-sized petrol brushcutter or a good battery-powered tool, which is lighter but has a limited range, the brushcutter in this case is equipped with a cord head.

  • Cutting thick grass in the field. If the grass in the field is tall and coarse and is cut one to four times a year, a powerful brushcutter is needed, preferably a state-of-the-art petrol or battery-powered brushcutter such as the STIHL PRO range. You can choose a sturdy square thread head or mount the blade.
  • Cutting small bushes, brush and brambles. A good high-powered brushcutter also defends itself well among the brambles, in this case it is necessary to have the “dece” with a disc of blades and a good movement is necessary, also in this case we can opt for the high-performance cordless tool.

If you want to learn how to use this tool, it is worth reading the article on using the brushcutter, where you will find some tips for working safely.

Qualify in Consideration of Choice

Power Type . Electric cable brushcutters are very impractical because they are connected to the electric cable, they are also generally not very powerful, they are only used to maintain small lawns adjoining the house. Nowadays there are also battery models with good power and range, they can be taken into account, the main advantage is the very low weight.

Choose the power of the gasoline brush cutter. To mow small and medium extensions, you can choose a tool with a displacement of 20/25 cc, brushcutters with more than 30 cc are already suitable for professional use, such as the maintenance of condominium gardens. For large areas, dense grass, sharp brambles and small bushes, we recommend that you choose a medium over 45cc which can guarantee enough power for long time cutting in the bush.

Mechanical. Tool life and performance are not only determined by engine power: it is essential to choose a tool with good mechanics. The reliability of the manufacturer’s brand is often an important guarantee.

Mango. The ideal brushcutter should be very comfortable to use, with an ergonomic handle. Light models can be single-handled, heavier models are better equipped with a double handle (i.e. the famous “horns”) to work best. You also have to consider the working angle and the possibility of adjusting the harness, ensuring that it is adapted to your size and the way you work. The quality of the handle is assessed by testing the tool with the engine running: to work comfortably, it is important that few vibrations are felt.

The backpack . If you opt for a backpack brushcutter, you will have the heat engine comfortably attached to your back, a solution that seems less heavy for your arms, but you have to get used to it because when the handle is connected it is less manageable. It is a solution recommended on powerful models, useless for tools with low offset, suitable for cutting beds with steep slopes.

The battery-powered brushcutter. The new generation of cordless brushcutters allows you to have light and quiet but still powerful brushcutters. The fact that they are not gas-powered makes this type of machine more environmentally friendly.

Noise . A good motor must also be relatively quiet, if you work a few hours at a stretch you will especially appreciate a quiet tool. In this case, even the best gasoline brushcutter will not be able to compete with battery models.

Lester. You need to consider the weight of the machine, especially if you plan to cut for a long time or have professional use of the tool. Obviously, the most powerful brushcutters will have a higher weight, so comparisons should be made with tools of equivalent class.

Consumption . Like any motorized machine, it is important to choose a mower that optimizes consumption and performance, avoiding tools that are unnecessarily fuel-hungry and therefore costly and polluting in the long run. If you opt for a cordless tool, you will rather evaluate the duration of this one, as well as the themes and the consumption of the recharge.

multifunction brushcutter . The combination models allow to have not only the brushcutter head but also other accessories, such as a chainsaw, a blower and a hedge trimmer, applicable to the decoder motor.

Wire or knife head. The flush head is suitable for cutting grass on lawns, while in dense grass, brambles and undergrowth the blade is best fitted. When choosing the brush cutter, keep in mind that the machine must have good power to mount the blade. Buying the head instead, I suggest choosing the “beat and go” model which, thanks to a spring mechanism, allows the cable to be extended without having to open the head or even turn off the motor, simply by hitting the ground. Also the choice of nylon thread depends on the use: the thicker the thread, the more resistant it is, square, hexagonal or star threads have edges and cut better.

Some models tested for you

We tested a few brush cutters, here are the impressions.


Stihl FS55R


SRM-265L Echo

Echo SRM236Tesl

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