How to decorate a dry tree in the garden

how to decorate a dry tree in the garden

As much as you take care of the plants, it may happen that they do not survive you. It’s not necessarily your fault, it happens sometimes. The problem is that we do not realize that these plants, especially when they are large, could be used for decoration. Have you ever thought of decorating a dry tree in the garden?

If you take a look on the Internet, you will find many examples in pictures of those who gave dry trees a second life. And that’s what we’re going to give you so you can enjoy that plant that’s no longer with you.

a pretty planter

We start with one of the usual uses for dry logs: turning it into a planter. When decorating a dry tree in the garden, you can consider doing it as containing other plants.

This allows you to use it in two different ways:

  • On the one hand, without cutting it, creating a vertical garden. The only thing you would have to do would be to open the trunk a bit and take out the inside to fill it with dirt. Then, just plant what you want (normally flowering plants are chosen because they give it a second life and give it color).
  • On another side, you can cut it to the extent you wanted and do the same, that is, open a hole in its bark, empty it and fill it with soil and plants. In this case, to prevent the trunk from moving, you could make “feet” with part of the trunk, even with the thickest branches.

create a path

dry tree trunk

If you have a dry tree in the garden, and you are going to replace it with another one, its trunk can be used to create a path in the garden. You just have to cut it to the same thickness so that you will have more or less large pieces (depending on the diameter of the trunk) which will be used to create this path.

If it is very small, you can put several on the same side (or make a kind of mosaic with them).

You can even paint some of them to make them more striking, or put enamel or the like on them to make them shine. There are many options in this regard that will give you a different look in your garden.

Turn it into a birdhouse

roots and branches of dry trees protecting the birds

We all want birds to come to our garden and make us happy with their songs. But in the winter, they need a place to shelter and that’s where your dry tree can come into play. And it is that you could open it so that the birds take refuge inside, or even place a blanket or similar so that birds can use it to protect themselves from cold, wind and low temperatures. If you also hang nests for them, you might even be part of their life cycle, as they can make nests and see how small birds grow there. Of course, to get it you have to be in a quiet area, otherwise they wouldn’t.

branch screen

When decorating a dry tree in the garden, you should not only think that the trunk is the only thing that will serve you. Subsidiaries can also do this. And in this case, if your tree has been very leafy and has more or less long branches, you could pick them up and create a screen with them that gives you more privacy.

By making a frame, which you can also make out of branches, and with some string, you could build your own screen for separate environments or give privacy to an area (for example, at the terrace, at the swimming pool, if you have one, or wherever you can think of).

A closet for gardening equipment

decorate a dry tree in the garden architectureideal

Source: ideal architecture

This idea is a little more original than the previous ones, because it will surely not come to you at first glance. And we go Turn your dry tree into a wardrobe.

To do this, you have two possibilities: cut it and use only the trunk part. Or leave it where it is and use it like that (below we will give you an idea to decorate its branches that you can combine with this one).

The idea of ​​a closet isn’t easy to do, but if you’ve fixed what you need, it won’t be too much of a hassle. The first thing will be to make the door, and it will be a part of the bark of the tree that will then have to be “assembled” with some hinges and a lock or a magnet so that it closes and does not open not.

Once the door has been cut out, we will have to do the interior, and in this case that means “emptying this part of the trunk”. Of course, we recommend that you leave a few centimeters on each side to prevent water from entering or the door from closing properly and leaving gaps.

Take into account the thickness of the trunk so as not to empty it too much (and end up opening a hole on the other side).

In this case, you could build shelves inside the trunkat different heights.

Our recommendation as a next step is to treat the interior wood, i.e. add a product to prevent it from rotting or to control pests, disease or moisture. In this way, the tools and everything you put in will be well protected.

Once it’s dry, you can put whatever garden-related things you want in it. And when you close the door, it won’t look like a closet, but when you get closer, you will notice it and it will be a good idea to take advantage of it.

Decorate with hanging plants

Hanging plants, aerial plants… the goal is to give back to the branches the greenery they have lost. And for that nothing better than to use it as if it were a plant stand.

You can hang several, even with wires. For example, in the case of air plants, they will look very beautiful hanging in the branches because it will look as if they themselves have lived there all their lives.

In addition, to give it a more special touch you can use a string of lights or similar so that when it gets dark it lights up create a beautiful image in your garden.

Of course it could associate it with the idea of ​​a wardrobe, but also with that of a vertical garden, either with flowers or succulents. You will give it new life by creating a space in which other plants can grow properly.

Can you think of more ideas on how to decorate a dry tree in the garden? Tell us about it so others know!

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