How To Decorate With A Hanging Air Carnation To Make It Beautiful

How to decorate with a hanging aerial carnation

If you like plants, it is possible that on some occasions you have come across aerial carnations. They are also known as tillandsias or air plants, and there are thousands of different species. If you have any, you’ll know it’s best to hang them up to decorate. But how to hang the carnation in the air so that it looks beautiful?

Next We are going to give you some ideas that you can do at home or that will not cost you too much to taste a carnation from the sky (or several). Shall we start?


Why should the carnation hang in the air?

eyelet of air coming out of a trunk

As we have already told you, the aerial carnation is also known as tillandsias and these are characterized by the fact that they do not need a pot to live, but develop barely roots and can sustain themselves well only by living on the air and humidity of the environment. Now well, there is a fundamental element they need to develop properly: light.

We’re not saying they need direct sunlight, but rather they need light to be able to feed on them. And the problem is that when you have it in a container, it may happen that it only receives light from one part, but if you don’t devote yourself to changing it or returning it, it will always be like that.

For that, the best option is to hang them because in this way the light would reach every corner (Even when you hang it in one place, you can still change it to give light to the whole plant).

But how to hang it to decorate? If we take this into account they have no roots, no stem and are just leaves, this can be difficult to do. Therefore, we offer a few options.

with wire

Imagine you have a tillandsia which is a small bulge from which many long leaves grow. You can perfectly put it in one place, lying or standing, but when hanging it is possible that whatever you do, it will fall.

Unless you’re using yarn. The goal is for the plant to be well taken, and what many aerial carnation experts do is wrap the whole plant with the wire so that it is well attached and at the same time we have a support where to hang it. In fact, a kind of “bed” is made in the lower part of the plant, a base to lay the plant inside then, with this same thread, it is twisted (not too small together) to house the plant, at least enough to give it consistency.

It is true that it can take away some of the beauty of the plant, for this reason, it is recommended to use a yarn of a color similar to that of the plant. By default, it is green. This way you somehow blend in with the greenery of the plant.

with wool

Another option for hanging the carnation in the air is with yarn. It is possible that you have it at home, or that you buy it because it is not too expensive. Of course, we recommend that it be a bit thick and similar in color to tillandsia.

The way of working with wool can be the same as we have seen with yarn, but also, and depending on the tillandsia, you can cover part of the plant with it (por ejemplo, en el caso que te poníamos antes, envolviendo parte de ese bulto) que parezca que tiene una specie de “maceta de lana” y atando a esta parte unas tiras de la misma lana podrías colgarla sin peligro a que se fuera a to fall.

In fact, it’s quite original, and it’s rarely done that way, but the result is quite curious and somehow you protect the plant while allowing light to pass through the wool fibers.

Of course, only for some because not everyone can be like that.

branch adorned with tillandsias

use egg cups

Tillandsias have the ability to adapt wherever you place them. And the truth is that they do not need specific bindings for them. So the one that comes to mind (and that we put into practice) is to buy egg cups. Yes, the wireframe ones that leave space between the lines.

Hanging a carnation in the air with this technique is not difficult. To begin, take the egg cup and, with wire, wool, thread or whatever you can imagine, make a kind of swing where the egg cup is the seat and the rest the ropes that you will tie on a branch or wherever you want.

Now place the tillandsia. If you see that it moves or does not have much consistency, you can try to put more yarn (make a kind of cage) so that, even if it moves, it stays there .

This allows you to play around with color a bit. because you could put the cords or wires with the color of the flowers of this tillandsia so that, when it flowers, everything will merge and it will really seem suspended in the air.

Use glass containers

If you have glass containers, these will be ideal for smaller tillandsias or those that are more difficult to tie.

For example, those of the moss or bush type.

How would it be done? First you need to thoroughly clean the glass container. Make sure you have removed the tags if you wear them so that the light penetrates the whole area. Now you can use silicone on the outside and stick a rope to tie the container, or if it has a handle, do it easier through there.

Don’t be afraid that it stays on one side, in fact it’s better and it’s prettier than if you put the boat upright with the opening upwards.

All that would remain was to put the air grommet inside and hook it up.

Being inside a crystal, the light will be reflected and this will cause it to receive all points.

on an old branch

trunk with two tillandsias

If you have an old branch or trunk or something similar, since these plants are epiphytes, you can place them and wire them to look like they grew from that branch or this trunk.

Of course, keep in mind that it will weigh a little more with this item, so you may need to hang it with a strong rope or thick thread, the wool would surely break.

As you can see, there are many ways to decorate with air carnations. It will depend on you how you want to put it. But I’m sure it will be great. Can you think of more ideas to make them look pretty?

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