How to dry flowers with lacquer: step by step instructions

Drying flowers with hairspray increases their durability

Aren’t you very sad that these beautiful flowers that were given to you end up withering? If we want to keep this beautiful memory of a special event, the best option is to dry the flowers or the whole bouquet. However, there is a little trick that makes them last even longer and look really spectacular. So that you can apply it yourself, we will explain in this article how to dry flowers with hairspray

In order to avoid doubts, we will comment first which hairspray we should use and then how to perform this task step by step. Plus, we’ll give you some tips to make your dried flowers look great. If you’re thinking of keeping a bouquet and sprucing it up in your home, I recommend you keep reading.


What lacquer to use to dry the flowers?

Hairspray used to dry hair flowers

While it is true that the vast majority of flowers can be dried without problem, Some are doing much better than others. However, before explaining how to dry flowers with lacquer, we must first know what type of lacquer we are talking about, right?

Also, it’s simply the hair spray we use. In fact, the amount we should spray on the flowers is more or less the same as the amount we spray on the hair, but we will explain this step later. Applying this product to vegetables will help protect them, extending their life and preserving their color.

How to dry natural flowers with lacquer?

Drying flowers with hairspray preserves their color

Now that we know what type of lacquer we will need, we can say that we need to start this task as soon as possible. We can of course enjoy the flowers or the bouquet for a few days, but if we know clearly that we want to keep it, we should not let much more time pass. Next, we will comment step by step on how to dry flowers with hairspray:

  1. Clean the flowers: The first thing we must do is eliminate all the parts that we do not want to keep from the flowers or from the bouquet. It can be, for example, thorns and leaves. You also have to cut the stems to the length you want and place them all together without the flowers touching.
  2. Attach the rods: Using dental floss or twine, tie the stems together, then hang the flowers upside down. It is important to place them in a dark, dry and warm room. If we don’t have such a room, nothing happens. The best alternative is a closet. In this way we can tie the bouquet to a hanger and hang it next to the clothes, but avoiding it being crushed. It should stay there for a week or two (depending on the type and number of flowers).
  3. Spray lacquer: Once dry, take the flowers out of the closet and untie the thread. Then you need to spray them with hairspray. The amount should be more or less the same as we would apply to our hair as a rule, i.e. a little. You should also be careful to water all the plants well. When the lacquer has dried, we can place the flowers in a vase, or wherever we like.


The reason it’s important to dry your flowers in a dark room is because they dry best. We must also emphasize the importance of hanging upside down. While it is true that it is not essential, it is the most recommended, because this way we get the nutrients to end up in the petals. Thus, the drying process will be perfect.

The most popular technique for drying natural flowers by pressing with a book

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Another trick to make flower drying even better is let them breathe and ventilate them in the best possible way. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance to remove any packaging they may have, whether plastic or paper, before putting them out to dry. In the room or in the closet where we are going to hang them, it is better that they have space, that is, they do not touch anything around them. This way, not only will the whole process be better, but it will go a little faster.

Finally, it should be noted that the most recommended for dried flowers is limit your exposure to intense heat and light. These two factors are not suitable for them at all in the long term, so we must take them into account when we want to decorate a corner of our house with them.

By following the steps we listed above and these small recommendations, you will get really spectacular and long-lasting dry plants. Now that you know how to dry flowers with hairspray, you no longer have an excuse not to keep those precious bouquets that were given to you on a special day. With a little patience, you can keep them much longer. So get to work!

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