How to get carrot seeds at home

Today we are going to talk about carrot seeds and see the whole process for planting them and how to get them. The process of getting our own seeds is something that can give us the most satisfaction in the garden, because it closes the circle and becomes more self-sufficient.

carrot seeds

Getting our carrot seeds, like any other crop, is a bit longer and more tedious process, but it is important to know it and apply it if it really motivates us. Getting our own carrot seeds at home is almost one of the longest, but it never ceases to be interesting.


Get your own carrot seeds

The first step to obtaining our seeds, although it seems strange to you, is to harvest our carrots. In fact, in almost all root crops, this is done to get the seeds. We have already seen that the seeds of onions are removed like this and we will see it in beets.

Once harvested, you have to observe the best carrots in terms of size, without stopping to observe if they have not been attacked by pests, and even for the taste. In fact, we can taste the carrots we have harvested to see if they have that flavor that we appreciate most in a carrot. Wash the bottom of the carrot a little and bite into it.


carrot seeds

Once we have chosen the carrots that we are going to use to remove the seeds, we must replant the carrots. Yes, replant them. We will choose an isolated area of ​​​​the garden, because they will occupy this space for some time and we must choose, as when we sowed, a loose, light and very well drained soil.

Once planted we will let the plant follow its cycle and develop, we must monitor risks and humidify them in its development. Watching the irrigation will be the only care we will need to get our seeds. In the video that I leave you below you have the whole process of the development of the plant. How the flower stalk comes out, how flowers grow from seed, and how beautiful they are until we prepare to take their seeds.


how to get carrot seeds

Once the carrot flower begins to brown and the stem that joins it too It’s time to cut the flower. It could be left and do the whole cycle on the plant, but it is much more comfortable to cut them and with a paper bag (if we don’t have one, we can join two sheets of newspaper with staples or adhesive tape), hang them in such a way that they finish drying and leave, releasing them and settling in the bag.

We will leave weeks of hanging and later we can prepare and clean from impurities of our carrot seeds to save them. You can use a sieve or a sieve not very fine, to remove the impurities and with the hand the rest of the large branches.

Additional tips

Important: Once we have removed our carrot seeds, we must label the bag or jar where we store the seeds, and this is especially important put the date when we took the seeds, because carrots only have durability or three-year viability.

I leave you with the video explaining step by step how to get our seeds (here is a guide on how to get seeds and all the seeds you can get). Later it is important to store and keep our seeds in a good place, for which we explain how to save seeds for the garden, and it is important to know that all of them have viability over time to germinate, so we explain how long stored seeds last.

In addition, as I mention in the video, it is interesting to do a seed germination test to, in addition to seeing the viability, check if you have done the whole process correctly.

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how to remove carrot seeds

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