How to get seeds from our own culture

Many people have probably never seen an onion seed. Although it may seem incredible to us, it is often easier than you think to obtain your own seeds from your vegetables and thus be able to enjoy them or give them away for future seasons. Today we are going to see how to get onion seeds. It is therefore important to store them correctly so that they can be sown the following season. In addition, we have a guide of many crops from which we can obtain seeds in order to be a little more autonomous.

onion seed

Onion seed: how to get it

The process of obtaining onion seeds is a little different from the usual, since the seeds of this crop are biennial. This means that we will take the seed two years after sowing. The first year we will plant the normal onion, and during the harvest we can save some onion bulbs, for the following winter we will plant them so that they give us flowers.

See how it would be done here, where we explain, among other things, when the onion is planted for seed.

onion seeds

You can even do it with onions you buy in the marketsso courage, you will appreciate the process very much if you have never done it before and above all you will have a lot of seeds.

Get onion seeds

I leave you with the video of the process so you can see how simple it is and as an important fact, the viability of onion seeds is more or less three years, although we can always do a germination test before sowing.

How is onion seed

As you can see in the previous video, the onion seed is very small and many seeds are obtained from each bulb. And although it may seem like a tedious process, and it is now easy to get seeds in many places, I recommend all gardeners to try at least once to get their own, from their own bulbs and varieties of onions that they like the most. .

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how is the onion seed

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