How to Grow Celery Turnip

Celery is an interesting variety of celeriac because also and especially its root which is eaten raw in salad or cooked and which is very tasty. The flavor is reminiscent of hazelnut, but retains the characteristic aroma of celery.

Like celery, it is a plant with a very long vegetative cycle. to prevent the garden from remaining busy for months and months, it is therefore advisable to cultivate it initially in nurseries using pots and only after a few months to proceed with the transplantation.

Cultivation of celery is similar in every way to growing ribbed celery, so we recommend reading our celery growing guide to understand what remedies and adversities affect this vegetable. Like all celery plantings between February and May, the celery harvest begins in October.

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Specificity of celeriac

The peculiarity of celeriac is that having a fairly large root, it is better to keep slightly larger distances and place the plants at least 30 cm from each other. When harvesting, it can be taken into account that the celery can stay longer on earth than ribbed celery, without the risk of hardening or drying out, but, on the contrary, it is expected to improve its flavor, especially the first frosts enrich its aroma. As it keeps well, celeriac is an excellent winter vegetable .

Still on the pest level, celeriac shares insect pests with celery, as well as the same diseases, although it is particularly prone to root system and crown rot. This is why the same methods of defense are used in organic crops.

use celeriac

the celery can be eaten raw thinly sliced ​​or grated in salads, it is also excellent in chicken salad with chicken strips and mayonnaise. Alternatively, celeriac root can also be eaten as a cooked vegetable , boiled or sautéed in a pan. An excellent and simple recipe for preparing it is celery salad.

There are different varieties of celeriac the best known are Verona celery, Prague giant, marble ball celery, alabaster celery, snow white celery and bald celery.

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