Mint peas

Peas are among the most suitable vegetables for preparing easy and tasty dishes at home. Since when the time comes to harvest, the production is abundant, it is better to take advantage of it and perhaps try some recipes that are a little different from the usual ones.

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In addition to more classic combinations such as peas and onions or peas and rosemary, there are several possibilities for using these legumes in the kitchen, thanks to their sweet and delicate flavor that goes well with many ingredients. Today we offer you a very simple and quick recipe to make a tasty side dish: peas with mint. This recipe is also suitable for those who choose to eat vegetarian or vegan, like all legumes, peas are an important food replacement for meat.

To prepare the peas, simply brown them in a pan and add chopped mint at the end, which will give an original and fresh flavor to this side dish, also suitable to accompany fish dishes and meat.

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