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The pansy leaf fig is one of our most beloved plants, as it is for many people. We have found that the fiddle-leaf fig tree also dominates most modern houseplants due to the plant’s elegance and tall, glossy foliage.

Many people love that the fiddle leaf fig tree brings the tropical atmosphere when placed in a room.† Although the fiddle leaf fig tree is a beauty, we cannot ignore the fact that many people struggle with raising and maintaining the fiddle leaf.

This is especially in the field of irrigation and the supply of moisture to the plant. Misting is one measure to increase the humidity of your plant, but what is misting? And what is the benefit for the plant? Is this the best way to increase the humidity of your plant? All these questions are answered in this article.


Humidity For Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants

For many tropical plants, such as the fiddle-leaf fig tree, moisture is essential for growth. Most of these plants like to be in medium to high humidity conditions and failure to do so will stunt plant growth and eventually lead to plant death.

In the rainforest, the fiddle leaf fig tree receives 75-90% humidity, but your plant understands that this may not be possible, but it should be able to provide you with 50-70% humidity. play inside

However, this does not mean that you cannot keep the fig tree if you live in a warm environment or during the winter season, it just means that you should look for alternatives to increase the humidity in your home during these times.

fiddle leaf fig tree

In addition to keeping the plant in high humidity areas of your home, such as the kitchen and bathroom, there are other ways to provide your plant with humidity, and one that stands out is misting.

Nebulization explained

Misting is a temporary way to increase the humidity of your plant by misting it with water from a jerry can or spray bottle. Spraying a plant is often recommended if the humidity in a home does not meet the plant’s requirements.

While there have been reports of the effectiveness of fogging, there have also been reports of issues resulting from fogging. Here are the pros and cons of spraying your fiddle leaf fig tree.

Benefits of misting your fiddle leaf fig tree

Here are a few reasons why misting your fiddle leaf fig trees is a great idea.

  1. It’s an easy way to add moisture to your plant; in fact, we consider it the easiest way.
  2. In addition to increasing the humidity of the fiddleleaf fig tree, misting helps clean the leaves of the plant. Fiddle leaf fig leaves are large and should be cleaned well. Misting does this, in addition to providing humidity.
  3. Misting helps keep pests away, especially when neem oil is added during misting.

Disadvantages of spraying your fiddle leaf fig

Here are a few reasons why it might not be a good idea to mist your fiddle leaf fig trees.

  1. The fiddle leaf fig tree is quite sensitive to tap water and this is due to the chlorine and other toxic minerals it contains. If you mist your plant with tap water, these minerals will build up on your plant and your plant will retain less moisture. We recommend that you stop using tap water for your plant and use filtered water instead.
  2. Fungal and bacterial infections are dangerous for the fiddleleaf fig tree. misting helps spread these infections if your plant has been infected before. You can use an insecticide to prevent infections of all kinds.
  3. Keeping your plant moist for too long, without providing it with adequate light, will lead to bacterial and fungal infection. Spraying your plant in the shade can do a lot of damage; be sure to place your plant where it can receive bright, indirect light.

Alternatives for Providing Humidity to Fiddleleaf Fig Tree

Yes, in addition to misting, other alternatives can increase the humidity in your home.† Explained below;

1. Pebble trays

Providing a tray of pebbles is a well-known way to hydrate plants, it works well for violets when they are young and is also less likely to spread bacteria. Peddle pan means you get a wide plate or bowl, as long as it’s wider than the bottom of your pan. Fill it with pebbles and water.

Place your plant’s pot on the tray, the water adds humidity or your plant evaporates and rises.

Best Humidifiers for Grow TentsImage: Envato Elements

2. Buy a humidifier

A humidifier is also a great way to provide humidity, but it costs money because you have to buy one.

A humidifier reduces the risk of your plant getting a fungal infection. Be sure to place your humidifier about 6 feet from your plant. Here is a list of the best indoor plant humidifiers. we recommend.

final thoughts

Spraying the fiddleleaf fig tree has proven to be an effective way to create humidity; however, you need to pay close attention to the water and the plant to get it right or your plant could suffer.

Misting is especially good for young fiddle-leaf figs. If you don’t want to spray your plant, you can choose one of the other alternatives to increase your plant’s humidity.

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