Learn how to take care of the Medinilla magnifica

Magnificent Medinilla

have you heard of Magnificent Medinilla? It is a tropical plant that is becoming more and more fashionable for decorating the interior of homes. It is native to the Philippines, where it enjoys a hot and humid climate.

With a height of up to two meters, It’s perfect to have in a jar. Do you want to discover the secrets of the Medinilla?

General view of the magnificent Medinilla

Our protagonist has long leaves, about 12-15 cm long, of a beautiful grass-green color. Its pink flowers appear in clusters and are undoubtedly its main attraction.

It is a demanding plant in cultivation, but its requirements can be easily met as we will see. If it is true that it needs a climate with mild temperatures (above 15º) and a humid environment, even if our house is rather dry, this It can be solved by putting glasses of water around the plant or by spraying it from time to time. And to increase the temperature you can choose to turn on the heating (from a fan) but avoiding drafts reaching the Medinilla, otherwise we would see how its leaves begin to dry from the tips.

Medinilla magnifica flower

If you live in a climate with cold winters, you can have it outdoors from when the minimum temperature starts to be 15-20º until it drops again in autumnbecause unfortunately it is very sensitive to frost and is not suitable for gardens in temperate-cold climates.

The ideal type of water for irrigation is rainwater, but since it is not always accessible osmosis water, air conditioning or distilled water will be used. It is also strongly advised to fertilize throughout the growth period, in order to obtain a truly healthy and… magnificent Medinilla magnifica.

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