Planting pineapples without seeds. How to sprout pineapple at home

If you’ve wondered how to plant a pineapple, in this article we’ll tell you how to germinate and grow your own seedless plant. You already know that with our experimentation section of Toni’s Huertina we like to experiment with plants.

pineapple plant

We can sprout vegetables from the waste we have in the kitchen, for example, which we have already done previously and documented on the blog: how to plant seedless lettuce, plant celery regrowth from the plant itself, or even plant carrots in a pot without seeds.

Also manage to germinate the seeds of fruits that we eat every day in our kitchen like the lemonor for sprout avocadothe mango Where other fruit seeds. But today we are going to focus on pineapple, a vegetable that many of you had asked me to make and here I show you how easy it is to sprout and sprout a new plant.


How to sprout a pineapple

To plant the pineapple in this way, you can do it with a fruit bought in the supermarket or in a food store without any problem. To be able to do this experience serenely and you always know, if you have children, that it is ideal that they also participate.

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There is one very important guideline for sprouting pineapple, and that is that very ripe or yellow ones are not useful for this experiment. In this case, almost all of them fail. The ideal is to do this with a fruit that is more or less green, or not very ripe, that is to say that we can see that the leaves of the fruit are not very damaged.

Planting seedless pineapple step by step

The first thing we will do is cut off the crown of the fruit, more or less a centimeter or two away from where the fruit begins.

germinate a pineapple without seedsgerminate pineapple

Then we clean the base well, also removing some of the lower leaves, the first two rows. After that we place it in a container, it can be a wide glass, a cut bottle (as I do in the video) or a glass jar. We put enough water so that the entire base is submerged, because the very shape of the leaves will prevent it from sinking entirely.

We leave it next to a window, so that the sun hits it directly. After about 30 days it will start to take root and we will see the middle shoots growing.

how to sprout pineappleplant a seedless pineapple

The outer dry leaves may confuse you, but don’t pay attention to them, as it’s normal for them to dry out. The important thing is the roots and shoots in the middle, which will indicate if things are going in the right direction.


At this time, we could move it into a jar. This is where the process of planting the pineapple really begins, since the previous thing was its germination. We will remove the outer leaves and place them in a hole that we make in the substrate in the center of the pot.

A good way to maintain plant growth is to use a natural rooting agent. I leave you a video where I explain how to do it and another how to use it.

The steps to follow are simple. And I think in the video they are understood quite well, so if you don’t understand well with the words, you can see the process and the result in the video. Of course, it is always a good idea to leave it near a window, so that it receives direct sunlight.

By the way, when planting pineapple, you need to keep in mind that the plant loves heat, so be careful not to put it outside and in cold places. The plant will slow down its growth considerably and may even die.

Have you tried sprouting pineapple this way? How was it?

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