Lavender care. Everything you need to know

Lavender care is necessary, as in any other aromatic, but it is not the same as in, for example, mint wave basil, which have their own complexities and facilities. So let’s see what you need to keep in mind when you have this plant at home and in the garden.

lavender care


Benefits for the garden

To begin with, we must remember that this plant provides many benefits, as in general all garden herbs. Mainly, due to its flowers, lavender attracts various pollinators such as bees, bumblebees and butterflies which will help in the production of our food.

At the same time, this plant is an ant repellent, which can sometimes be a real scourge. We have seen several times how to get rid of ants in the garden, but without a doubt this aromatic is ideal to repel them. We already know that in the orchard, anything we can prevent in terms of pests and diseases lurking in our crops is much better. Moreover, it is also effective as a repellent against flies, mosquitoes, rats and mice.

That’s why we think it’s important to plant it, keeping lavender care in mind, as it will help to have a better garden.

Health Benefits

In addition to the benefits it brings to the garden, there is a very important list of benefits that its consumption in infusion or its use as a flavoring brings, thanks to its relaxing, fungicidal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and digestive medicinal properties. . :

  • Alternative to anti-inflammatories. It acts as a natural remedy for pain.
  • Skin antiseptic. Helps treat skin conditions.
  • Asthma. It can relieve asthma symptoms.
  • Hair. Helps in hair health and growth.
  • Mushrooms. Fights fungal growth.
  • Insomnia. It can help you fall asleep and improve your sleep quality.
  • Menopause. Reduces hot flashes of menopause.
  • Cardiovascular health. Helps reduce blood pressure and heart rate.
  • poor digestion. An infusion of this plant helps improve digestion and relax the stomach.

lavender plant care

Lavender Care and Other Things to Consider

Now let’s get down to business: lavender care. If we want to plant it inside the house, since it could be considered one of the healthy indoor plants, it can even be recommended to place it in the bedroom. What is very important is that it is an area where it receives direct sunlight.

Aromatic seeds - Lavender officinalis - Batlle

Aromatic seeds – Lavender officinalis – Batlle

  • Use: Its leaves and flowers are used. Very suitable in perfumery due to its aroma, it is also used in culinary specialties. seasoning
  • Sowing: In April-May, plant in rows spaced 40 cm apart. Lighten to 30 cm. Renew the culture every 3 or 4 years
  • Harvest: from summer


To start, we must keep in mind where we are going to plant it. It is a plant that adapts well to all types of soil, loose, light and sandy soil will be much more suitable for its development. In addition, proper and smooth drainage will prevent waterlogging and possible problems such as root rot due to excess moisture and the proliferation of fungi.

Another important quality to consider is that this plant needs low acid soil. I explain to you how to measure soil pH in an artisanal way, as well as by modifying this pH in our favor:


The next thing we need to keep in mind regarding lavender care is that it is a plant that needs water but not in abundance. Consequently, the waterings must be regular, even if it supports quite well the temporary droughts, due to its origins in the hot and dry regions.

In any case, in spring and summer, the regularity of watering can be once a week, while in autumn and winter, watering every 15 days could be enough. In this way, we will cover the water needs of this aromatic without risking going too far.

lavender plant care

weather and sun

It is a plant that prefers neither too cold nor too hot climates and grows perfectly in various climates, and supports frost well.

For the rest, it needs a lot of sun. It is very important and as we have already said, something to keep in mind if you want to have it in a pot inside the house. Because if it does not receive sunlight, the plant will most likely perish.

If the vamos a plantar en el huerto, como es muy probable que hagan la mayoría de nuestros lectores, hay que elegir una zona que además de beneficiar a los otros cultivos, como por ejemplo atrayendo polinizadores y repeliendo plagas, reciba mucho sol duree todo el day.

diseases and pests

Continuing with care, lavender is not a very disease-prone plant. But as we said before, waterlogging and drainage problems can affect its roots, causing them to rot or contract fungus. The most common are fungi such as Armillaria mellea, Septoria lavender Yes Phoma lavender, which can wreak havoc on the plant. This is why it is important that the soil is very good and sandy, and that it drains well.

As for pests, although rare, they could mainly affect cottony mealybug, the beetle Meligethes, the green caterpillars and the aphid.


We have recently seen how and when to prune lavender, so we are not going to repeat what we explained in a blog post. It is quite simple and beneficial for the plant.

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We will only need a good pruner and follow the steps that I explain in the video:

Potted lavender: care

As for potted lavender, the care is practically the same: a good substrate that drains well, lots of sun and a suitable climate, watering must be regular but not too abundant, and it must be avoided that it becomes gorged with water. water so that it does not end up rotting, the roots and the plant ends up contracting fungus.

potted lavender treatment

So far the lavender care to keep in mind. Discover our article on how to dry herbs for later use. You will see that keeping in mind these tips for caring for the plant, everything will be more pleasant.

But don’t be intimidated. It is a culture that tends to be very easy and grateful if the basic conditions and care are correct.

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