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Poppies have a connection to wartime England

It is well known that flowers, in addition to their decorative or medicinal value which they may have, they are also distinguished by the representation of certain attributes and connotations, whether positive or negative. These details are very important to keep in mind when it comes to organizing an important event, and even giving a gift. In this article, we will talk specifically about poppies and what they mean.

In addition to commenting on the symbology of these flowers, we will also explain what poppies are and we will talk in more detail about the meaning of the red, yellow, orange and purple poppies. Then you know it: if the subject interests you, do not hesitate to continue reading.


What are poppies?

The meaning of poppies varies according to their color

Before talking about poppies and their meaning, we will first discuss what these flowers are. It is a variety of wild plants from Asia, North America and Europe. They are annual vegetables belonging to the family of Papaveraceae which usually grows in the fields. The stem of these plants is covered with bristly hairs, their fruit is in a capsule, and the seeds are blackish in color. As for the petals, one can find varieties of different colors, the most popular being red.

The poppy is also known as the opium poppy, and this is not surprising, since this plant certain substances can be extracted which have analgesic, sedative and narcotic effects. In the past, it was widely used in medicine to relieve aches and pains, before being declared an illegal substance. This is because poppy contains high amounts of alkaloids. With them, various narcotic substances can be produced, such as morphine, heroin and opium. As these substances are considered drugs in many countries, the production, sale and consumption of this plant is prohibited.

However, some substances that can be produced by poppy seeds, such as codeine, are still used to make medicine in order to relieve pain. It should be noted that these substances are not as addictive as drugs.


Poppies and their meaning are closely related to their color and where we are. In England, for example, it is quite a controversial flower precisely because of its symbology. In this country, the red poppy is used to honor those who have fallen in war. The idea was, at the start, that this vegetable represented peace. However, today it is a highly criticized issue, because the poppy is considered to cause the exaltation of patriotism. Therefore, considering it a flower of peace is excluded.

In contrast, Egyptians hold poppies in very high esteem. In their culture, these pretty flowers represent youth.. Moreover, they were widely used for medicinal purposes. It should also be noted that there was a belief that poppies allowed the transition to the afterlife, so the most important pharaohs included them in their tombs.

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Yet in the West, poppies have a negative connotation, like aggression or violence. Indeed, these are two values ​​that have been very present for many years, due to the wars that this part of the world has suffered. However, these flowers also have positive meanings, such as hope or consolation. The latter mainly refers to moments of need, those when everything seems to be complicated. It is at times like these that poppies can bring more positivity and hope.

As for the general interpretation of poppies, their meaning will vary greatly depending on the color they have. In reality, color is the most influential aspect of its symbology and will determine both the negative and positive connotations of the flower. Next, we will comment on the meaning of some of the most common poppies.

Red Poppy: Meaning

The red poppy signifies selfishness and consolation.

Let’s start by talking about the most common poppy and the one that usually comes to mind when talking about these flowers: The red poppy. It is a wild flower that has a certain appeal because of its beauty and its striking color. It is precisely for this last reason that the attributes of this vegetable are increased. So much so that for many people the red poppy symbolizes pure selfishness. However, it also has positive connotations. Most notable for this flower is The consolation.

Yellow poppy: Meaning

Yellow poppies signify fertility

Besides red poppies, one can also find these beautiful yellow flowers. This variety is very common in Iceland. According to popular belief, yellow poppies usher in a new era. It is therefore not surprising that these flowers are associated with fertility.

Orange Poppy: Meaning

Orange poppy stands for positivity and hope

Another of the poppies notable for its meaning is the orange poppy. It represents happiness and joy. In addition, thanks to its color, it is also attributed the symbol of friendship. Its connotations are therefore very positive, reaching symbolize positivity and hope. However, due to the aggressiveness of orange, it has also inherited some of the unique attributes of the red poppy.

Purple poppy: Meaning

Purple poppies are synonymous with imagination and success.

Regarding the purple poppy, it should be noted that in the UK it is a symbol of remembrance for animals that served in war. This flower has represented this symbol since 2006, and is based on the symbology of the traditional poppy, red, which represents remembrance of Remembrance Day. While it is true today that most animals found in this country’s military service are dogs, historically the greatest number of animal casualties during wars and conflicts have been horses. Besides this curious detail on the purple poppy, it should also be noted that purple and blue poppies and pink poppies are closely linked to imagination and success.

I hope this article about poppies and their meaning has been of interest to you. Knowing the flower symbols can be very useful for some official events and also to enrich our knowledge.

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