Return to the land of Larcenet comics

Here is a fun read that is sure to make garden lovers smile: “Retour vers la Terre”, a beautiful comic strip that tells the story of Manu and Mariette, a young couple who move from the city to Rapanel, a small rural commune in the French countryside.

It is “an autobiography written by someone else”: indeed, it tells the experience in the first person of the designer Manu Larcenet, who chose to entrust the writing to Jean-Yves Ferri, the one of the most important French comic book scriptwriters, author, among other things, of the new adventures of the very popular Asterix.

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Going to live in the countryside is not easy: the citizen wants to get out of the stress and the frenzy of metropolitan life, but in Rapanel’s life the change is radical. The satire of the authors strikes the two worlds that clash in this story: the citizens with their absurd neurosis and the rural people with their simplicity.

A funny car parody

The utopia of happy degrowth is as mocked as the frenetic rhythms of modern life, but the irony is not just for fun. Reading the complete work not only leaves us laughing: despite the excessive characterizations of Back to Earth, it presents us with well-drawn and human characters, there is a lot of poetry and deep reflections. The comedy of “Back to Earth” is a great way to make people think about the way of life in our society.

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